Glow Pendants





Introduction: Glow Pendants

Having fun with glow stones and resin.

Step 1: Supplies

glow stones (I get mine from
charms or whatever you would like to use.
e6000 glue

remember to clip the loop off the charms with wire cutters.

Step 2: Go to Work

Design your pendant.
I like to add the glow stones first. you can add a lot or just a few. It's up to you.
Add your charm of choice

Mix your resin. Follow the directions on the bottle. Each resin is different.
You can find resin at Menards or any craft store. I love the one because it's very low bubbles. Less work.

Slowly pour your resin in the mold. Let sit 10 minutes then pop or scoop out any bubbles you see.
Let is set about 12 hours.

Step 3: Finish

Once set, remove from mold. It should pop out. If not, it might need a bit more time. Trim edges with scissors or you can add a thin layer of resin on top to give it a nicer finish. Glue bail on the back. I like using E6000.

Step 4: Ideas

You can makes these into key chains, necklaces, ornaments or pull chain for your kids room like I do.



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    Very neat, how about wiring a small blue (w/UV) or a UV LED and button battery to light up or 'refresh' the glow...

    Thank you. I made myself a keychain. It comes in handy when you're trying to find your keys in a dark purse. :)

    thats pretty cool!

    just wondering how do you get the border or rim to have more glow and less transparency into it. id assume when u spread the glow stones, everything is randomly placed with glows and transparent spots but the rims have more glow into it seems

    1 reply

    Thank you. It's a thick piece so the glow is reflecting on the edges like a mirror.