Picture of Glow Powder Key Fob: never lose those keys again!
Never lose those pesky keys again! This Instructable will teach you how to make a simple and stylish glow fob that can easily be attached to your keys or anything else you may want to keep track of more efficiently in the dark.

I’m the type of person that misplaces everything, keys, pocket knives, wallets, glasses, cell phones; nothing is safe once I’ve laid my hands on it.  After losing my keys for the millionth time I decided I needed to do something about it.  For a while I tried one of those gadgets that beeps loudly when you whistle allowing you to home in on the location of your keys, the problem with that was that it would go off at any loud noise and after it decided to go off several times during class I decided it was time to find a better solution.  What I came up with was a simple yet effective glow in the dark fob.  Now I know what some of you are thinking, “What use is a glow in the dark fob when I’m trying to find my key’s during the day?” and the simple answer is that it isn’t very much use at all, but there have been many times when I misplaced something during the day, searched for it without any luck, and found it by the bright glow of the fob once it got dark.
So for those of you out there who share my inability to keep track of things please feel free to read on and learn how to make a glow in the dark fob that is both functional and stylish.
jmangan32 months ago
can't believe Kipkay tile your idea?
snerual20102 months ago
kipkay stole your idea! of was it the other way around?
Matt2 Silver (author)  snerual20102 months ago
Yep he totally stole it! Didn't even give credit, that's kind of cheap of him...
SparkySolar10 months ago

I love this instructable thank you so much

northwest1 year ago

That is really nice! Good work!

Matt2 Silver (author) 1 year ago
Great suggestion 17hmr243 mixing the glow powder into one part of the epoxy before mixing the two together should give you plenty of working time. I suggested 20 minute epoxy because most people would not be familiar with the process and would therefore benefit from the extended working time. But once you're skilled you would absolutely be able to speed things up with quicker set time epoxy.
17hmr2431 year ago
hmmm ummm 5min epoxy should work just add powder to 1 side mix then mix both sides still leaving you 5min to fill and dispense.
I just wonder why nobody till now did think about making this I think it is worth a patent

i think somebody beat him to it :/
thoren2 years ago
a quick alternative to using flexible tubing is to mix some of the glow powder with some clear acrylic resin and cast a tube in a drinking straw of the proper size, i made a glowstick for my T3 titanium glow fob from aqua blue pigment this way :D
ryeomans12 years ago
Great Job! Going to make several!!
cnludwig2 years ago
Nice 'ible. Like it!
That's really cool. How long does it stay lit?
Matt2 Silver (author)  StandingOnStones2 years ago
The length of the glow depends a great deal on how long you allow it to "charge up". the with the glow powder I used for mine I can get a pretty bright glow for around 2 hours and then it tapers off to a dim almost undetectable glow over the next 4 hours. Spokehedz makes a great point that it is all in the type of glow powder you use. the better the powder you buy the longer/stronger your glow effect will be. As I state in the Instructable I used V10 green powder which is the strongest and brightest of the available types of powder. However, not all V10 green powders are made equally, when you decide to buy, do your research and find a reputable buyer so that you get the best quality product for your money.
Matt2 Silver (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for your support everyone! If you like my Instructable please consider voting for it in the weekend projects contest.
Spokehedz2 years ago
Everyone please note that the better GITD powder you buy, the longer it will stay bright. You want expensive powder, but you also want to buy from a reliable source. Do your research before buying anything, to be sure.
euf0ria2 years ago
definitely on my future todo list. Awesome!
Matt2 Silver (author) 2 years ago
Wow Makuna thats a great idea! What a smart solution, thank you :).
ahh this isnt tritium is it?
Nope. It doesnt glow by itself forever, but needs to be "charged" by ambient light and will get weaker over time (maybe 1-2h) if not "recharged" by light.

Normally the glowing powder you can buy in almost every panting-shop is zinc sulfide.
Phosphoreszence is the thing you are looking for in this application here.

Tritiumlights (Gaseous tritium light source) are a small glasstube filled with tritium surrounded with phosphor. The thing what happens there is Radiolumineszence (Beta-particles from the tritium hit the phosphor and make it glow). As a sidenote: If correctly made, those tritiumlights do NOT emit beta-partrticles because the get absorbed completely. But the brake-radiation from those beta-particles is röntgen... So those things emit a bit Röntgen-radiation. With the Zinksulfide or every other Phosphoreszence-light thats not the case because you dont have any radiation-source whatsoever (If you dont count light as radiation).
Tritium --> Not dangerous but not "clean" because of Röntgenradiation
Zink sulfide --> 100% save if not swallowed.

It seemed too thick to be tritium. I have a tint tiny item somewhat like yours but a more robust one would be nice.
Then you definitely should try this one. It seems really study and with the amount of powder you can fir in, you will have quite a good amount of light.
Makuna2 years ago
An easier way to mix the powder and epoxy is to only mix it into one of the parts of the epoxy and once mixed then add the other part. This should allow for faster cure epoxy then.
Matt2 Silver (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for all the support everyone, I'm glad so many of you enjoy the project! I hope to put out more interesting and creative instructables in the near future.
billbillt2 years ago
Furious2 years ago
Great idea, and great job with the instructable.
loony12 years ago
Great idea! This brings many projects with the same scope to mind. Thanks
loony12 years ago
Great idea! This brings many projects with the same scope to mind. Thanks
beautiful! very clever design!
Orngrimm2 years ago
Cool idea to encase it in resin and then again in a plastic-tube! Also to let it cure in a tube to be straight is a cool idea! The result is completely unbreakable! Nice!
gena28672 years ago
Pretty easy, very useful and can be cheap depending on what stuff you have lying around the house. Instructable clear and easy to understand with good pictures. Good job!
bob30302 years ago
Cool, I like the way you cut the oval shape into the fob.
thats a great little project.
dorkpirate2 years ago
oh man I have to do this. nice job :)
spyder20212 years ago
nicely done.
This is a great idea! I've never heard of glowing powder before, now I need to find some :)
Mr. E Meat2 years ago
Nice! It looks pretty professional too!