Picture of Glow in the Dark Commode Seat
The purpose of this toilet seat mod was to have all the light necessary to enter the bathroom from the master bedroom and find the target. This keeps me from having to turn on the bathroom light which shines into the master bedroom and wakes up my wife or worse,... Missing the Target!

Inspiration came from a Glow in the dark vessel bowl sink that I molded up some years ago.
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Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List
One "WHITE" toilet seat. If you get a new one make sure that you check weather you have a "round" or an "elongated" bowl. White is the preferred back ground color for best performance.

I used "House of Color" Kosmic Long Glow Blue on this project but I suggest trying Risk Reactor as they specialize in photo luminous and UV fluorescing pigments in many different colors at a better price.

Pint of automotive acrylic urethane clear and hardener.

Red Scotch Bright pad or sheet of 400 grit wet or dry sand paper.

Masking tape and paper.

Carbon filter respirator for automotive paints.

Spray Gun and compressor or optionally use "Preval" spray kit.

Step 2: Prep Work

Picture of Prep Work
SDC12357 - Copy.JPG
Remove hinges and tape off or remove seat and lid bumpers. Scuff seat with red scotch bright or 400 grit sand paper.
Be careful not to sand through original white finish. If you do sand through use a can of white "Lacquer" as a base coat to repair the solid white finish. Using cheap enamels will result in paint lifting or wrinkling with the clear coat.

I chose to mask off the top of the lid and leave that the original finish.
eyebot1173 years ago
Let me level with your here for a second.
Electrical engineering = Pretty smart
General relativity = Pretty freakin smart
Glow in the dark loo = GENIUS!

beba172 years ago
wow cool idea i will do this to my toilet sit =) at my new place love it!!! where can i get that glo paint....
grannyjones3 years ago
We were using one of those UV air purifiers that looks like a Star Trek prop;
but the bulb died after about 6 months.
Still made a cool looking night light for the john.
Not sure how much good it did.
OK, so the million dollar question, now that i'm sure you've had this for a while.... How long will this paint finish last before it rubs off completely??
msraynsford3 years ago
Reminds me of this which I came up with the other day
The long drop (Large).jpg
wingtipsmith (author)  msraynsford3 years ago
My kids just explained to me what I am looking at! Love it.
It's a freakin' portal! Omg that is GENIUS!
darman123 years ago
Ok, forgive me of my ignorance because i've only read the first step. If this is intended for the toilet ok, but if not, why wouldn't you get a new toilet seat?! Lol
Step 1: Install blacklight
Step 2: Turn on said blacklight
Finished if you are a guy.
bullets-3 years ago
i love it,and maybe a little glow stuff would rub off on to the ole lady's rear end,wow! just think!
corycar3 years ago
My wife just trained me to sit down while ur-a-nating... And then there is NEVER an errant shot in the dark.. OR THE DREADED. "you didn't put the seat down" lecture... Because now I have no reason to put it up. Whipped? Nope... " happy wife=happy life".

But great idea for the kiddies bathroom!
static corycar3 years ago
Have you asked your wife why women never learned to make sure the toilet seat is in the down position before sitting down like mean have learned to do, whenever we have to take a dump? ;)
gnach corycar3 years ago
Ditto to the sitting and I don't miss if I've had one too many. But I think contrasting chevron arrows would be a help to the design.
terry0812533 years ago
Is missing the target ACTUALLY worse than waking up the wife? Love the project all the same!
LOL not really except if you leave the seat up.
You KNOW what happens when you do that? LoL In the Dog House..
maybe a whole glow in the dark toilet bowl? talk about freaking out grandma and grandpa and crazy aunt betty!
It is not that we men fail to lower the toilet seat upon completion of our task at hand. It is that women fail to return the seat to the upright position. How could they be so inconsiderate? (all in good humor :) )
Speaking as another wife, let's put it this way: if he misses, and I have to go before it dries, thus ending up stepping or sitting in pee, he'll wish he turned on the light.
tn. terry0812533 years ago
speaking as a wife, YES! lol
Have you ever had 'sweaty butt transfer problems with the glow paint?How wear resistant is the clear coat to constant butt scrubb? Guess what I am saying is........would it not be better to paint the RIM of the toilet and not have to listen to the old lady kvetch about you pissing on the seat?
technocrat3 years ago
Excellent idea BTW.

In the immortal words of Captain James T Kirk

" Like a poor marksman. You Keep Missing The TARGET ! "

(Star Trek -II: The Wrath of Kahn).

It's radiation from Genesis Device your children will come out glowing in the dark.

I simply used one of those flat led lights strips under a plastic ring glued to the outer sides (not in front) of the bowl with a light detect sensor to turn on when it's dark. No danger of shock.
tn.3 years ago
love love love it - great way to add that "wow" factor everybody's always blathering on about to an otherwise rather humdrum crapper.
onepiece943 years ago
NOW....i know how to get Butt cancer (-_-)
tn. onepiece943 years ago
i always thought you got butt cancer from butts.
LOL reminds me of a Rescue Me episode.. "I got a$$ cancer!"
elainek3 years ago
This is giving me ideas! Our tub is an old, stained fiberglass one and I've been thinking of painting it with acrylics and clear-seal. As in, decorated, fish and weeds and having fun painted. Adding some glow-in-the-dark is now part of the plan!
bfk3 years ago
I totally agree with Eyebot117. Kudos
LifeWarrior3 years ago
This is hilarious, Great house party surprise for the guests
wilgubeast3 years ago
This is awesome. Thanks for helping me plan my weekend. Would it be weird to receive one of these as a gift? I think the answer may be irrelevant, as I intend to make more than I have toilets to sit on.
wingtipsmith (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago
I noticed some glow in the dark spray cans at the hardware store if a person wants to go on the cheap side. If you don't have much light shining on the commode (to charge up the pigment), you might try using the invisible UV pigments and playing with the new LED Black lights. This whole idea was born from a concept vehicle display I worked on with a Ford lighting engineer many years ago. By taking a clear casting and spraying a UV fluorescing clear on the inside and lighting with black light, the casting achieved this amazing transparent blue glow. This was before we had the newer hi-tech LED's which open up many more opportunities.
This is great! I'm sure I could find a "use" for this during Halloween!!
spartan0943 years ago
This. is. genius.
Brilliant! I used a dim night-light in a bathroom outlet, but this is much cooler.