Step 3: Mix Clear Coat and Glow powder

Picture of Mix Clear Coat and Glow powder
Put on your respirator and mix about 4-6 oz of clear per manufacturers instructions. After mixing add about 1 heaping Tablespoon of glow powder. Mix well and spray a tack coat followed by a full wet coat of glow clear. Work in sunshine and watch out for over-spray on your or your neighbors cars. let charge up for 10 minutes and carry wet parts into a darkened garage or shed and check out your results. More powder equals more glow and more coats equals more glow. Try to get a satisfactory result in 3 full coats if possible.
Do not rush and constantly stir or agitate your paint gun cup as the glow powder drops out of suspension fast.

Do as I say not as I do. Use rubber gloves while mixing and spraying. 

I chose to spray the underside of the seat first then flipped it over onto bolts and nails I put in the bumper and hinge holes. This allows the seat to be sprayed flat , reducing the chance of runs.