Step 2: Make the Gel

Picture of Make the Gel
Fill the container with about (measurements not even close to accurate) 1/2 cup of gel, next add 1.2 tsp of glo powder, Put lid on container and shake it vigerously,
Charge the gel mixture in the sun or under a bright light (black light). Put it on your hair and voila, glowing hair gel.

AmyLuthien5 years ago
I've got an entire bottle of plastic BB's that you can buy from Wal*Mart, perhaps you could grind them up fine if you can't find the powder?
sadiecoons5 years ago
That sound so cool! can you get the powder from anywhere but e-bay?
at the tile store (best tile, boston tile ect.)  They sell glow in the dark grout, but i think it only come in large 5gal buckets.
drakuri6 years ago
Did anyone get the result of the gel becoming watery???
cloot1006 years ago
I like your glow in the dark hair gel. But is it toxic?
gyromild7 years ago
How long the stored gel will retain it's glow? This is an interesting instructable I must say :) Btw, after you try this, you still have all you hair intact right? Just checking :)