Glow in the DARK
Monster Toothbrush Buddies!

Don't judge the dirty, frayed and old toothbrushes...
I've since bought new ones. :)
But the real thing was...my youngest son kept losing his toothbrush.
There was no "away" place for it.  There's a window
cupboard where the older kids keep theirs...
but no way the 4 year old could reach that.
Something had to be done.

So I decided little monsters were the only solution.
And of course the older kids wanted in on that too!

Step 1: Here's what you'll need...and let's get started!

It's easy!
You just need oven bake clay!
We used what we had leftover from our sonic screwdrivers and lightsabers!
And we even used GLOW in the DARK clay too!

So clay and an oven...and your toothbrush.
Okay, we just rolled out a ball.
Squished our toothbrush in it gently so it didn't poke through the bottom.
The kids have little kid sized brushes, so they didn't need
to be big monsters to hold them.
If you are using a tall adulty type toothbrush, use a bigger wad of clay.
That is really adorable! :)
This is super cute and I love that kids can personalize their own Monster. Awesome job! I couldn't help but take a minute to say "Thanks for an idea that even my 17 year old son had to get involved with!." Anyone that can pull a teenage boy into a family fun project gets my vote! :o)
Ha ha, that is Awesome! I'm glad you made some as a family and the older ones even wanted in! thank you!<br>--Nat :)
Such a fun idea for the kids!
Super cute!
Awesome Idea!
so damn lovely
Well good

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