Introduction: Glow in the Dark Scary Wall Decoration

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This is a halloween themed wall decoration that i have made that glows in the dark. You can basicaly put it any where you like to scare friends or even trick or treaters.

Step 1: Things You Need

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Water colour paper
Wated colour paint
Paint brushes
Pencil and eracer
Glow in the dark paint
Prisma colour pencils (pretty sure gou can use any colour pencil but thats what i use for my art)

For this tutorial you most likely have to have basic art skills. Its hard to explain on what i did. But the pictures should help alot as long as you follow what i have done

Step 2: Sketch

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With a pencil do a quick sketch of your monster. This step should be pretty qjick to do. It basicaly the skeleton and will be overlapped.

If your not good at sketching then use shapes you see and link them together to make the picture look proper

Step 3: Add Water Color

Picture of Add Water Color

This step im juat going to add pictures up and you can do as i did or you can just use your imagination :)

When a importan step comes i will explain in the next step

Step 4: Adding a Little Green

Picture of Adding a Little Green

Here add watered down green water colour paint over thw top of the entire picture

The green represents as if it was a night vision camera effect

Step 5: Adding Colour Pencil

Picture of Adding Colour Pencil

These next pictures are about adding colour pencil

What i did was add a black outline around the window boarder and also added some finger nails.

After that i got black and white colour pencils and made the dark areas darker and the light areas lighter. This is to add contrast into the picture.

Step 6: Glow in the Dark Paint and Cutting

Picture of Glow in the Dark Paint and Cutting

The glow in the dark paint i have was boughten from the dollar store. It looks green but when you brush it onto paper it is transparent.

Brush the glow paint onto the areas that do not have black on them (basicaly the monster and the window frame)

Use Scissors to trim around the picture and your done :)

Step 7: Place Any Where You Like

Picture of Place Any Where You Like

Heres a few places i put my monster


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-09-30

Creative idea! Awesome job with that drawing :)

ZombieWorkshop (author)2016-09-26

Really scary, good luck in contest

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