Introduction: Glow in the Dark Terrarium

Picture of Glow in the Dark Terrarium

Create a fun Sand Art Terrarium with plants and creatures that will last forever!

3 to 4 bags of Decor Sand in desired colors

Large fish bowl

Plastic animals

Plastic plants

Rocks or twigs


Step 1: Layer the Sand

Picture of Layer the Sand

Pour a layer of Decor Sand into the fish bowl.

Gently, tap the bowl down on the table top to level out the sand.

Repeat the first two steps for each color/layer of sand.

Step 2: Add Plants Etc.

Picture of Add Plants Etc.

Set the plants into place, followed by rocks, gems and creatures.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Terrarium

Picture of Enjoy Your Terrarium

Place under a black light to create an extra magical effect!

Designed By Candie Cooper


GrymThor (author)2016-02-22

why no picture of it under the light of a UV black globe? I feel cheated.

ACTIVAProducts (author)GrymThor2016-02-22

Sorry! Will try to get a picture for you.

ACTIVAProducts made it! (author)ACTIVAProducts2016-05-09

Hope you like it!

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