Step 3: Find Hard Drive Platter

Picture of Find Hard Drive Platter
Hard Drive Schematic.JPG
The hard drive platters can be removed from any hard drive by removing the screws on the red dots in the image.  Drill out the middle of the spindle on the green dot big enough for the clock mechanism to fit though. 

Don't forget to erase any important data just in case an ID thief breaks into your office and steals the clock.
chrwei3 years ago
I've taken apart many many hard drives and there is a lot of variance in how they are assembled. I will say I never seen one like that picture, where the 2 screws on the right-top release the disk platters and/or motor. Some motors are pressed in and nearly impossible to remove without breaking something, and most have screws but you have to remove the platters first.

Also, some platters are metal, and some are glass with a magnetic coating. Be very careful drilling holes in glass, it can shatter into many tiny blood drawing shards.