My son gets really excited about seeing the stars at night. But since we're in a relatively urban area with lots of light pollution we don't get to see to many of them at night. About 2 or 3 from his room, that is. So I decided that what he could use is a starry mobile that glows in the dark to hang in his room. So even on overcast nights there will still be a few stars to look at.

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Step 1: Supplies

There's an short way and a long way to do this. Here are the materials for each

Short way
 - Card stock
 - Krylon® Glowz®

Long way
 - Krylon® Dual™ Paint + Primer
 - Krylon® Glowz®
 - Krylon® Glitter Blast™
 - Krylon® Crystal Clear Gloss

I went the long way, but it's pretty easy to see how it can be shortened
I have always love d stars and to try capture their beauty in my home and in the rooms of my Grandchildren. Is there a different color other than green, I was thinking blue ?
The greenish yellow color is the color of the glow-in-the-dark paint. Can't really get away from that.
Thank-You , Then Green it shall be !!
There needs to be more stars in every home, nice work!
I agree totally . Love Stars!!
I have been looking around for a DIY mobile project for a while, this is perfect! I only bought some glow in the dark stars today, can't wait to try this out. Thanks. x
nice work out. Particularly suitable for a child's room

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