Picture of Glow in the dark Whiteboard (Steampunk)
You can draw on it and you can erase it simply with a tissue...Sitting in your bed at night.
Draw even when it almost doesn't glow and that is after few hours anyway. Then just light it for a few seconds again and continue.

And you can save a lot of electricity with this gadget. is a list of some other things what you can do with this green Matrix-like board:
- Draw in the dark or in a daytime with whiteboard marker and erase with a tissue.
- Put thin paper on it and use the backlight to draw with pencil.
- Draw with LED light
- Read a book with it
- Navigate your way in dark
- Use it for messages
- Make a spot for keys or anything from it
- Do shadow images
- Or you can just watch how nice it glows:)

Here is a list of basic things i used. But in this tutorial i will tell you what else you can use and i´ll give you some tips. And i have first one: You can draw with a flashlight! It looks so awesome that you might build this just because of that:D Search the net, you can type "glow in the dark draw" and will know what i mean. I don´t have any LED strong enough to make pictures that be worth it, but i promise you i will.

glass - as Drawing layer
glow in the dark spray - as Glow material
mirror - as Base
gloss varnish spray
whiteboard marker
duct tape
optional: mirror/aluminium foil/polished metal sheet/white paper -as Reflective material if needed

Don´t get confused, the idea is simple: you put Glow material between the Base and the Drawing layer. Drawing layer (which is in my case is a glass) is on top. And you draw on it just like on regular whiteboard.

YouTube channel:
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synthdust1 year ago
What is glow in the dark foil? I've never heard of it and I can't find any online.
Dreamchronic (author)  synthdust1 year ago
i mean sheet,try sheet instead
Ok that's what I figured
I mean does that just mean put it in the dark
Actually i'm already working on a human powered LED charger for it
.... so stay tuned ;)
yep, exactly. It works like every other Glow in the dark stuff. Just give it some light and it charges itself. Of course it will not glow forever, but this one glows almost all night (if not all night) and i can still see what i'm drawing. There is no button :D Just light. This glows very bright, when you put it right under a lightbulb for 5minutes and then turn all lights off it's like a flashlight.
How do u turn it on???
sbush61 year ago
What about plexy glass?
Dreamchronic (author)  sbush61 year ago
you can use it, works fine, it's light-weight but very easy to scratch because it's plastic (or like plastic).
gurtek1 year ago
Dreamchronic (author) 1 year ago
it was given to me (thanks by the way:)
just search for "Glow in the dark spray" on amazon or google or ebay and you will find it.
where do u get that spray
Great!! What an idea!