This is my first instructable, I will be as thorough as possible. I wanted to make something special for my grandmother for mothers day, and she loves to wear earrings...so I figured eh, WHY NOT! I remembered watching a video on YouTube on how to re-hydrate dried up polymer clay. (They mixed it with baby oil) So I thought to myself, what if I mixed in allot of baby oil to make it an icing consistency to brush embroider on polymer clay like cake decorators do, and if so would it harden when baked? IT WORKS! So here we go XD

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

  1. Clear coat spray paint (I chose gloss)
  2. Baby oil
  3. Pasta machine (or hand roller)
  4. Polymer clay 2 colors (I chose black and glow and the dark)
  5. Acrylic paint (I chose gold)
  6. 20 gauge wire
  7. 2 fish hook earrings
  8. Mixing cup
  9. Needle nose pliers (round will be better, but I did not have any)
  10. Razor blade
  11. Ball tools
  12. Scissors
  13. 2 paint brushes (a flat brush for painting thick layers, and a fine point for detail)
  14. Plastic bag
Your granny loved them sweetheart. They are beautiful. Love you too.
<p>LOVE YOU! </p>
<p>These look amazing, what a great idea and what an incredibly well put together first instructable. I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce in future :)</p><p>Thanks for posting.</p>
Thank you so much!
Super awesome! Fantastic techniques. I love that you can rehydrate the polymer clay to do this. You have opened my mind to new possibilities. These turned out beautifully. I'd your grandma doesn't like them you will know she is off her rocker.
LOL Thank you so much! I was surprised to find out it worked.
<p>Its very Beautiful !!! Clear explanation. your grandmother will love it for sure ! </p>
Thank you so much, I'm hoping she will ?
My phone changed the smiley I inserted into a question mark...how awkward lol
<p>These look awesome! I love that they glow in the dark! </p>
Thank you!

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