Introduction: Glow in the Dark Duct Tape Solar Path Light Sierpinski Pyramid Array Style

Super simple fast table lamp.

Step 1: Glow in the Dark Tape or Paint and Solar Path Light

Hi everyone,

I just got my order from Shapeways (So cool!!! thank you) it came out very well. I had an idea on how to display your orders.

Here is my thought, It would make a great conversation starter if you display your 3d objects with a solar garden light.

I chose to go with a standard small one with Glow in the dark duct tape, but I can imagine there are so many other ways to do it.

So to keep it short.

Get your solar garden path light turn it upside down.

Get out your Glow in the dark tape or paint. (optional , but recommend it )

Step 2: Put on Your Glow in the Dark Tape

Ok so in this one you tape the bottom of the solar garden path light with glow in the dark tape or paint except the bulb. :)

Step 3: Put Your 3d Object on It.

Simply put your 3d object or the object you want to display on it.

Also when it runs out of power the glow in the dark tape should glow.

Hope you like it :)


kcutd05 (author)2014-06-05

Thanks, glad to see you like it. Now that I look at it posted, It has a hint of Iron man look to it as well. :)

jsrubianoch (author)2014-06-05

Simple and Nice idea, should put it on the Lamps and Lighting contest.

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