Picture of Glow led's using AC current(220-250V)

To make this project you will need only few components.
And you could make your own led lamp or decorating light and many more things that you can imagine. This project is just an example to how to build the circuit for glowing led's using 220-250v.

Step 1: Components Required.

Picture of Components Required.
>Led's (number as ur choice)
> 4007 Diode (4).
> 250v Polyfilm Capacitor (1) .
> 50v (100 uf) Capacitor (1).
> 1000 m ohm Resistor (1).
> 0.220 k ohm Resistor { should be big in size else the curcit would not work }  (1). or something near this value. 
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KoustavD15 days ago
I want to use thiss for a single led

the circuit you show, is it ok for 20 led i want to put on this? what are those changes? thnx

Ploopy1 month ago


I found the same circuit when I opened a old nightlight...

VinothK65 months ago

Dear sir,

How much i can drive using this circuit,i had a plan to connect 1w led(300ma),how much i can connect with this concept?

474k capacitance(0.47uF) in series of bridge rectifier and led gives nearly 27mA current. If you make a good circuit then you need 475k capacitor which can give nearly 270mA current and adding a capacitor of 474k in parallel with 475k capacitor can give nearly 297mA. Be aware of high voltage risk.

Mstar3602 months ago

Hey man!! Thanks for putting up this circuit. I had a few questions in mind.

First of all, Why do we have to use that 250v capacitor along with the resistor cause the bridge rectifier will itself capable of providing a continuous supply. So why do we need that part. Plz let me know if its for some other purpose.

Secondly, What power of resistance should be used ? . The size of resistance varies with its power dissipation.

Lastly, can you tell me the current output from the bridge rectifier circuit.?

Actually i tried to make an arrangement to lightup 100 (10 mm) LED's from direct 220v supply . I used a bridge rectifier along with a 2 watt resistance. The LED's glowed but due to heat the resistor burnt. can you tell me any solution for the this arrangement.( just 4 diodes and 1 resistor).

1). Resistance is use to limit inrush current during transient

2). Power of resistance being used is all depend on the current through the resistance.

3). you have not specified the value of resistance!!!. So I can't tell any thing on this matter.

can we do this experiment in bred board ?

partha_roy9 months ago

hello sir, can i use only 1 watt led in this circuit.

KHARSANG10 months ago

To start with, its a good circuit but without isolation from the mains. What if I add an isolation transformer with the same output as the input voltage just before the rectifier? Will that make the circuit any safer? I am attaching a modified circuit to clarify my question. Thanks

jone0051 year ago

How to 300 picces 3V led connect To AC current (220-250V)

Please anyone help me. My E-mail: jone005@gmail.com

jone0051 year ago

How to 300 picces 3V led connect To AC current (220-250V)

sogseal1 year ago

This is a perfect project for me! my buddy gave me his oscilloscope, and i havent used it yet, so its a win win for me ! Thanks bud

Hi Sahil, with all respect, why using full rectifying? You use more components and series resistor dissipates 4 times the energy (heating).

An half wave rectifying (just one diode) would do the same job with less components and dissipating 1/4 of the energy !!!

Best regards, Arnoldo.

nvaishnav1 year ago
Kindly note R1= 1M ohm ( or 1000 k ohm ) and not 1000 M ohm!
gollu2 years ago
sir, i need 2 connect 5 different colour 3v leds in series. it should glow like flickering iam gng 2 use for decrotive purpose..plz gve a example circuit as soon as possible....
despond2 years ago
The comments here are full of dangerous errors and confusion.
An AC mains mistake can *KILL* you or someone else.

Read this page, which explains the theory properly:

pro52003 years ago
Can I use this scheme, for 16 pieces LED?
u used only 2k2 1w Resistor (6) and Diode 4007 (4)

220v and 240v only
OK, i don't know how much value farad the polyfilm capasitor ?
google the 474j...part written on it and you should get a value
how to calculate wattage of a resistor
e.g 200 ohm 1/2 watt etc what is it's formula
hello there
does diode used as bridge can u tell me what is its purpose
sahil263 (author)  chnaveed.alam3 years ago
hi there,

read this

thanks frnd
samalert3 years ago
Very Glad !!!! that u made such a wonderful thing. I was searching for this since i didn't want an adapter hanging from above over ceiling, this will help me a lot.... but i have some doubts.
1> output is 50v - so parallel connection not possible since single LED will carry only 3v [ now since 50 v if i try to connect 16 LEDs in series it shud suffice isnt it 3x16 = 48v] then why in some comments below it is 25 - 30 LED ?
2> if i want to decrease the voltage from 50v to like 12v or less what can be altered and to what amout (since am not into electronics and have least knowledge with not even the basic knowledge of multimeter) if you can suggest the amount and which part i would be glad
3> in your picture above i have seen you have just used 3 leds hw are those able to handle 50v o/p.
4> Now as u specified that circuitry gets a little hot now till how much time can this be left ON.

Tnx a ton for lending time and responding .
This prj is one of my favourite.
seaspac3 years ago
Dear Sahil I think you dont know any thing about the circuit, and in many questions you have been misleading the people. I can see the values of the resistors from the color codes in the photos those are R1=1 Mega ohm - 1/4 Watt and R2= 220 Ohm 1 watt. while you said in a post that resistor R1 is 1000 Milli Ohm, and the big resistor is 0.218 Killo Ohm.

I will repeat the parts list agin for clearity R1 = 1 Mega Ohm 1/4 Watt, R2 = 220 Ohm 1 Watt, Capacitor in parrallel to R1= 0.47 Microfarad 450V, Diodes = 1N4007, Capacitor after the bridge is 100 Microfarad 50V.

Its a nice circuit but lot of confusion from your side about it.
kushalverma4 years ago
i'm not getting a resistor of value 0.218/0.220 excluding this i've got everything now what should i do plz rply me fast as u can.....
sahil263 (author)  kushalverma3 years ago
hello there,

The resistors are mandatory for this Project.
You Cannot Build the project without the Resistors.
0.220 k ohm Resistor is 1/2watt or 1/4 ?

i thk its 1/2watt

mkrieg3 years ago
How nice to bring to light these LEDs!
This is music to my electronics - ears.
If you fear the risk of an electric shock, my advice is to simply use ready LED lights!
Here at home I for example use led spots from LEDoptix;-)
sahil263 (author)  mkrieg3 years ago
Thank's for the suggestion.
btmnet3 years ago
Hi, can i use different led like red colour and blue colour?
sahil263 (author)  btmnet3 years ago
Ya sure you can use red and blue led's.
kushalverma4 years ago
Hi Sahil i'm not getting the resistor of value 0.220 k ohm what should i do now plz help me it's very imp... plz help plzz....
ijibang4 years ago
Thank you for sharing your project.
I intend to make several pieces of 4 LED's as night lights.
Could I ask your help to reconfirm the resistor value (both of them). Also why must you use 50V 100uF capacitor ? Does it mean that you can connect 1 to 17 LED's assuming they are 3V 20mA each?
One last thing, can the LED's be connected in parallel? Advantage/Disadvantage?

Thank you very very much dude!
sahil263 (author)  ijibang4 years ago
@ Ijibang, I am very sorry for a late reply.

the bigger resistor is of value 0.218 k ohm (note that when you purchase this resistor it should be big is size than normal resistors).

the 2nd resistor is of value 1000 mili ohm

you can use capacitor according your requirement of the LED's, as you have calculated.

and lastly i would not recommend you to connect the LED's in parallel (disadvantage).
msaeed4 years ago
And One more thing...
You said its output Dc voltage depends upon the orange capacitor...
How ? if we use a 50 v capacitor then, would its voltage be 50 v..? or so?
sahil263 (author)  msaeed4 years ago
Msaeed, if we use 50v capacitor the output won't be 50v, but it would be some were around below 50v.
msaeed4 years ago
Sory Sahil but i can't understand the resistor values.... is that 1000 mili ohms? or is it 1000 mega ohms...? i m new with these things.... Plz help ,
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