Picture of Glowing Black Light Punchbowl Fountain
Chocolate fountains seem to be everywhere these days, but I remember some way back days when the mark of a swanky gathering was a champagne fountain.  So when I learned a week before Christmas that I was supposed to be hosting a New Years Eve party, I scrambled around to find one, only to be met with disappointment.  I learned that I could either buy a really expensive silver one for around $700 or arrange to rent a similar one, or buy this ugly plastic one from Wal-Mart or Target (online orders only, not available in stores) - and the same exact ugly plastic one from other online retailers from between $29-$45.  When frantic Googling comes up empty handed, obviously it's time for an Instructable!!!!

Basically, all a punch (or Champagne, or whatever) fountain is at it's core is:  big bowls of varying size to hold the beverage which are arranged in tiered vertical levels, a means to join the bowls together, and a method of transporting the beverage from the lower bowls to the higher bowls.  Gravity does the rest to give us that gentle trickling sound as well as a means to fill our cups.  To make it swanky, we can add some illumination, and even make it glow in the dark!