Glowing Box





Introduction: Glowing Box

I'll show you how to make glowing box!!!

Step 1: Materials

You need:

2 paper squares (the fist one with measurement 9 x 9 cm and the second one - 8.5 x 8.5 cm)
a battery
and a LED (it doesn't matter the color)

Step 2: Folding

1. Fold the paper to a half and then to a quarter.
2. Open the paper, and fold the corners to the center.
3. Fold the bottom and the top parts to the center line and unfold.
4. Fold the left and the right parts to the center line and unfold again.
5. Do a reverse fold as shown in the picture and cut the dotted lines (see the pictures).
6. Fold the corners A, B, C and D as shown.
7. Fold corners 1 and 2.
8. The box is make the same with the other sheet of paper.

Step 3: LED

When you're ready with the box put the LED with the battery in the box and close it.

Step 4: Ready

The box is ready to use.




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Duh isnt that simple

sweet now if u could rig a way to turn it off without opening it....

Why does cotten make it brighter?

where do you get the LEDs from? I would like to try this.

Radio Shack is great for a single LED. If you want cheaper LEDs and more of them, buy online.


you can get led from radio shack

This is a nice simple idea. I've created a few to place around my desktop for when i'm using my computer in the dark.. It creates a nice atmosphere! Thanks.

Tell us why this is useful? What can be done with it?

It may not be useful, but many people like/enjoy things like this.

I've created a few of these just to place around my room for pure amusement.

"Instructables" -- The world's biggest show & tell.

He made it, now his presenting it.

you know? Some of the highest rating instructables are just things that are aesthetically pleasing.