This is a Instructable to create a nice looking, cheap and easy to do LED Nightlamp.
It has a wonderfuleffect, andcosts almost nothing.

Step 1: Needed Parts and Tools

Now here is a list of Parts and Tools you will need to build the Led Cat.

Cat Parts:

-The Body  Is an GM Engine cooling Water Tank of an Euro GM Car (I think it was an Opel Astra)
-The Head is an Manifold Gasket of my Classic Mini Cooper, it got the right shape to give the Cat it`s face
-The Mustache is made of Six little parts of 0,8mm welding Wire with the same length, It`s Clamped with Two washers an   mounted  with an Tapping screw

-The Tail is an Textile covered Petrol hose, also of my classic Mini Cooper, its fixed with an hose Clamp and filled with an Solid 1,2mm Welding wire

-Cap of the Water Tank will be the Backside of the Cat, the lamp socket will be installed there, so the complete Body will Glow and give a nice warm light

Electric Parts:

-Transformer, I use an charger wich i found very cheap on an Flea Market. It`s 12V, 1A
-An simple Cordswitch
-An 12V E10 Socket (I think this is an European Standard?)

Remaining Parts:

M3 (Metric Standart) Inbus Screws with Washers and nuts
-an aluminium chip, for covering the Backside of the Socket
-Somelittle Black Paint


-Screwdrivers, Cross and Slot
-Cutting Knife (sorry, i forgot in the Picture)
That's my kind of project. I love it!
Thank you for the kind words, i´m happy you like it.
Cool! :D

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