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This is a Instructable to create a nice looking, cheap and easy to do LED Nightlamp.
It has a wonderful effect, and costs almost nothing.
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Step 1: Needed Parts and Tools

Picture of Needed Parts and Tools
Now here is a list of Parts and Tools you will need to build the Led Cat.

Cat Parts:

-The Body  Is an GM Engine cooling Water Tank of an Euro GM Car (I think it was an Opel Astra)
-The Head is an Manifold Gasket of my Classic Mini Cooper, it got the right shape to give the Cat it`s face
-The Mustache is made of Six little parts of 0,8mm welding Wire with the same length, It`s Clamped with Two washers an   mounted  with an Tapping screw

-The Tail is an Textile covered Petrol hose, also of my classic Mini Cooper, its fixed with an hose Clamp and filled with an Solid 1,2mm Welding wire

-Cap of the Water Tank will be the Backside of the Cat, the lamp socket will be installed there, so the complete Body will Glow and give a nice warm light

Electric Parts:

-Transformer, I use an charger wich i found very cheap on an Flea Market. It`s 12V, 1A
-An simple Cordswitch
-An 12V E10 Socket (I think this is an European Standard?)

Remaining Parts:

M3 (Metric Standart) Inbus Screws with Washers and nuts
-an aluminium chip, for covering the Backside of the Socket
-Somelittle Black Paint


-Screwdrivers, Cross and Slot
-Cutting Knife (sorry, i forgot in the Picture)

Step 2: The Cap

Picture of The Cap
At first you need to cut the Cap so that the Socket and the screws for the wires fits into it.
Now drill the two holes for the screws wich will fix the socket to the Cap.

The Cap should now look like on the Pic.
Maybe you need to hone down a little for a good fit.
flyingpuppy2 years ago
That's my kind of project. I love it!
Falkenberg (author)  flyingpuppy2 years ago
Thank you for the kind words, i´m happy you like it.
hertzgamma2 years ago
Cool! :D