I have always liked armor and lights. In this instructable I decided to combine the two. This one was fairly cheap to do and I am very happy with it.

Step 1: Tools/Materials

Some of my materials came from other projects, or from items that were no longer of use.

$7 to $10 - Scrap Leather 10 oz. (The leather I used was very thick and stiff. I bought it at Hobby Lobby in a scrap pack)
$1 - Brass Brads
Salvage - Elastic
Salvage - Battery Pack
Salvage - Led
Salvage - Fiber Optics
Salvage - Batteries
$1.00 - Hot Glue
$1.00 - Shrink Tubing
$1.00 - Zip Ties
Salvage - Old Cotton Glove

Leather Hole Punch

Cool project! <br> <br>Betcha you wished you had a laser cutter instead of scissors! ;-) I'm wondering if a dremel, fit with a cutting wheel, would be a good cutting alternative?
Yes, I don't know if a laser cutter would work, but I would take anything over having to cut it all by hand.
This is great. Now all you need is a falcon.
Yes, a falcon would be great.
This reminded me of bio shock so much, I love it :D
Thanks. I have never played the game, but I like the aesthetic in the videos I have seen of it.
Could you post a picture of your templates laid out <br> <br>If so thanks <br> <br> <br>
The template I used is from the gauntlet I linked near the beginning of the instructable.
This looks like Iron Man's arm... made from leather.
Thanks! Iron Man is one of my favorite comics.
Nice! Check out my LED Daft Punk helmet I made. And does the glove get pretty hot inside?
Thanks and there is little to no heat from the bulb.
Amazing work! Finally I found something that will help me reduce the amount of leather in my shop waiting to be used. And it will fit perfectly with a costume I'm currently contemplating...
Thanks. This was great fun. What kind of work do you do?
That's the thing - I don't work with leather, I just bought a lot of scrap and did not use that much of it. But I will now - I'm currently making my prototype from cardstock ;).<br><br>Knowing how much fun cutting leather can be, I considered having the pieces laser-cut, but that would not solve my scrap-surplus problem, so I think I'll go &quot;old school&quot; with the scissors. Besides, it's bound to be cheaper that way.
Yeah cutting by hand will be cheaper. Post some pics of what you make. I am curious.
Very cool. Good job.

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