Glowing Glue Stick Lamp





Introduction: Glowing Glue Stick Lamp

Build your own night lamp in 10 minutes.

Step 1: Things You Need

Collect following items as in image .

1) Glue Sticks

2) Plastic cup

3) AA battery holder

4) 2 X AA batteries

5) LED

6) Switch

Now let's make the circuit.

Step 2: Making Process

Connect the circuit according to the above diagram. A smaller switch will be ideal. Instead of using AA batteries you can use 2 * CR2035 or CMOS batteries as you can hide them inside the cup.

Next place the LED inside the cup and apply some glue. Place the switch at the backside of the cup and apply glue.

Now check whether the LED is flashing.

Insert glue sticks to the cup tightly to avoid moving. You can decide the inserting pattern and number of glue sticks , shape and everything.

Let's see what I have done.

Step 3: Make Different Shapes

I have used straight gluesticks, twisted sticks and folded sticks here. Try different shapes according to your creativity.

Hope you enjoyed this small night lamp. If you like this please vote for the contest.




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    Brilliantly simple DIY fiber optic light :)

    I love this one :D Should try to make this... Cheers :D (Y)