Picture of Glowing LED Recycled Water bottle

Do you have any spare water bottles? Instead of throwing it away lets recycle it into a glowing lamp that you can drink from!

This is a very simple project for anyone trying to learn electronic projects. Not only will you learn basic electronics, but you will be saving the earth by recycling old used water bottles! Just think how much we can save if everyone was able to do this. If you like this project please vote for it in the green electronics contest.

Please Note

If you would like to see more projects like this, Please Donate Here. If i can get some funding, I have some great ideas for projects.

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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need

You will need

  1. 2 Water Bottles (any all sturdy kind)
  2. LED
  3. Solder gun/solder
  4. transistor (depending on your LED and power source you may need different kinds) I used 100 ohm
  5. Zinc coated nail/ Foil
  6. Battery
  7. Hot glue gun

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut

Cut out a dish from one of you water bottles about 2/12 inches away from the bottom. This will hold you circuit once its finished.

Try to make the line/cut as straight as possible. To do this, try rolling the bottle against a wall or straight edge while using your marker to draw the line.

Step 3: Sand

Picture of Sand

The worst part....

Sand both water bottles and LEDs. Now sand them again. Keep sanding them. I had to sand for about 1 hour.

The goal here is when the light hits it, it will create a glowing effect instead of a hard light LED's normally produce.

Step 4: Solder

Picture of Solder

Now its time to make the circuit!

The circuit is above. Instead of random pictures and symbols that confuse some people, I created a very "simple" circuit diagram.

The positive attaches to the nail or foil piece. On the other nail, the wire is soldered to a resistor then to the LED and back to the negative end of the battery.