UV Glowing Liquor Bottle Display





Introduction: UV Glowing Liquor Bottle Display

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Learn how to create a impressive light up liquor bottle display out of household items. easy to do and fun to make.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies...

Household items under $20

Step 2: Ink Tubues

Remove Ink tubes from the Markers.. Be sure to test which highlighters glow under the blacklight.

Step 3: Ink

Squeeze the Ink from the tubes into your bottles. (be sure to wear gloves!)

Step 4: Fill

Fill your bottles with water .

Step 5: Turn on the BlackLight!

and watch the bottles glow!



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    as long as there is power going through the UV light. They aren't actually glowing, its just that UV is not visible to the human eye, but on certain stuff, is... i don't really know why, but i think that will explain it.

    any way, the stuff was quite wonderful...... I'm gonna do it at home

    in one of the bottles. Laundry detergent glows under UV light because phosphors are added so that when the clothes are in sunlight they appear brighter. A pretty clever/sneaky (depends on how you look at it) trick by the detergent companies.

    where do you use the laundry detergent? and what is it supposed to do?!

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     i was asking myself the same thing... O.o

    I am thinking of variations.

    What about UV-LEDs? Mount them under the bottle or wrap them and put them into the liquid. Maybe add a little milk.

    Oh, did I say milk? There is a saying that Hitchcock had dropped a flashlight into a glass of milk in a movie to enlighten it...

    There is also an indicator color called flourescein shining in a bright green. Unfortunately it is excited by blue light. But if you just but a little bit of it into water and add some KaOH or NaOH you can place the bottle into a dark corner of your room and it will look pretty nice. No need for black light.

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    You could buy some of those LED ice cubes, open them up, and replace the LEDs with UV-LEDs.

    Getting UV-LEDs is not the problem. The point is that they radiate at the wrong wavelength to bring flourescein to light up. I looked it up and it seems that blue LEDs are required.

    This kills the special effect of glasses / bottles containing liquid shining in the dark...

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    Oh, that's unfortunate.

    you should get banned for stuff like this .
    its so annoyingly pointless its untrue

    whats the liquid detergent for?

    You can find good black lights at Home Depot as well. i got a 60" one that makes my whole room and then some glow, and its not much more than the little ones you find at head shops.

    This is a Great Instructable! good Pictures and everything!

    Cool. I like it. I can I use a "party bulb" from walgreens. I think it is just a light bulb covered in dark plastic but i dont know.

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    yeathose party bulbs work but not quite as good as a flurecent blacklight.. check out spencers gifts. the have blacklights for like $9.99