Picture of Glowing Magnetic Eggs
Tons of people go egg hunting every year. That's great, but here at Instructables, we all like to kick things up a notch. How about hunting for magnetic, glowing, strobing eggs in the dark? That'll do just fine.
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Step 1: Gather Your Egg-citing Materials

Picture of Gather Your Egg-citing Materials
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There are these awesome little gizmos you can find in the Instructables shop called LED Throwies. You'll want to pick up some of those as they fit the needs of this project nicely.

The List:

LED Throwies
Easter eggs
Neodymium magnets (very strong magnets, you can find them on Ebay)
Super glue

Step 2: Egg-stremely Strong Magnets

Picture of Egg-stremely Strong Magnets
For egg-stra stability of the Throwie (or if you like to make it egg-ceedingy hard for people to find) glue one of your magnets to the bottom of the inside of the egg. This is neat, as you can now attach them to metal surfaces. This unveils so many possibilities!

Step 3: Egg-travagent Attachment

Picture of Egg-travagent Attachment
This part sort of goes without saying ha-ha, attach the throwie to the magnet. Fill up the egg with your choice of treasure and seal up the egg! Then there's only one thing left to do...

Step 4: Time To Go Egg-scavating

Picture of Time To Go Egg-scavating
13, 7:12 PM.jpg
Wait for nightfall and hide them, quick! Between the fun of finding them at night, and being able to defy gravity due to the magnets, you'll have as much fun hiding them as you will finding them. Egg-spress your creativity and have fun (and thanks for putting up with all my egg-aspirating puns!)
Cool! But kinda early! :P
trans4mation (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Why save treasure hunting for April when you can all year? :)
Ah, you have a point...