With eight rat traps and a handful of LEDs, you too can make a loud noise that looks interesting with your very own glowing mousetrap machine.

Step 1: Materials

The most important part of the project is getting the right mousetraps. Don't be tempted into buying the little ones with the plastic cheese triggers - go to Home Depot and invest in the large Victor brand rat traps. While you're there, get yourself some wood screws and a circular mounting board (13 inches diameter).

Next, you'll need some 5 mm red LEDs. I got mine from circuit specialists in Mesa, AZ - $1.64 for a bag of 100. Don't get them at radio shack. You'll need at least 24. Any number divisible by eight should be fine.

Also get some hook-up wire, alligator clips, and a potentiometer.

For tools, you'll need an electric drill or a screwdriver and lots of patience.

I was doin' push-ups in the nude, I did'nt see the mousetrap !
Don't step on it!
Sounds like a basis for some animal experimentation - use different coloured LEDs for each trap (including UV and IR), and then see which colour attracts the mice most often...
its ok<br />
Looks like the&nbsp;saw 6 carosel of death
Great instructable, Only downside is that if when you are reloading the traps bad things might happen.
Weird & useless ... a fantastic combination. I love it. May I suggest a pic of the back of one of the mousetraps, showing how the LEDs are embedded? This would be a great beginner project with just a touch more detail on the instructions.
Actually, it would be a mousetrap of epic proportions. You could hook up the wires to a remote led in your living room indicating it went off. Less struggle for the captured mouse, more chance of getting even the most careful ones and using leds... sounds like a winner

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