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There is a lot of LOTR themed, and "One Ring" jewellery out there. I wanted to make one with a difference, So I decided to make a round pendant, with a black background circled by the inscription from Sauron's Ring of Power, but glowing in the dark!
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Step 1: Materials Needed;

Picture of Materials Needed;
You will need the following;

-Inkjet water slide decal paper
-UV resin (Resin which hardens under a UV light)
-A UV light (I used a cheap UV nail box)
-Glow in the Dark Powder (I used Orange)
-Mixing Tray
-Mixing Stick
-Acrylic Sealing Spray
-A pendant Bezel
-Mixing tray
-Mixing stick

Step 2: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Once you find the design you like (in my case the One Ring inscription), resize it in Microsoft Word to a suitable size and print it out on your decal paper.

-The decal paper is fairly cheap, and I got mine on Amazon UK, just remember to put the right side down when printing!
-The decal paper itself comes in two forms, transparent and white. I chose the transparent version so that anything white in my design becomes transparent when the decal is separated from the backing sheet. Perfect for what I want to do!
would there be any way to do this around an actual ring rather than a pendant?
alex2015292 years ago
Hi, I really love this idea! If I may make a suggestion, I would also tell people to try using clear injket labels. It might be easier since its peel and stick. Other than that I never thought of something like this. Again great idea.
dorotea2 years ago
This is great, I'm sure I'll make one if I can get the materials, one question, though- does it have to be UV resin, or would glow paint or glow powder in regular resin work as well? Just wondering if there's a specific reason you used UV resin ^-^
paper_faces (author)  dorotea2 years ago
Hi there! Sorry it took so long to reply, I had actually replied last night, but it doesn't seem to have submitted properly!

To answer your questions;
The glowing powder would work perfectly well in normal resin. I chose the UV hardening variety for a few reasons:

-The 2 part resin has to be mixed and, depending on the brand it is anything from a 50:50 ratio right down to a 1:100 ratio, it can get messy and awkward, especially for very small amounts.
-The 2 part resin can take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours to harden depending on brand, temperature and humidity of your workspace.
-The 2 part resin can be extremely smelly, and the fumes can be toxic, requiring you to wear a bulky respirator
- a regular mask will not do. And the UV one is completely odor free.

I hope this answers your questions, if you need anything else just let me know!
Very nice!