Glowing Paracord Bracelet





Introduction: Glowing Paracord Bracelet

I have seen some of these on various sites, so I decided to make my own. It can work as an extra safety device when walking in the dark. Since Halloween is upon us, maybe make some for your little ones and help to keep them safe.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are some supplies that you will need.

1 - LED light up bracelet (Available at many arts and crafts stores)

2 - Paracord, Color of your choosing, (I chose Yellow) (I think I used about 5 feet)

Step 2: Open Up the Bracelet

Go through and figure how to open your bracelet. Open it up and lay it flat.

Step 3: Start Your Stitching.

IN this instructable, I used a basic solomon stitch. I am not going to waste your time and make and repeat what someone else has already done. You can search one on

Here is a link to the Solomon Bar search: Instructables Search Results

Here is a basic 2 color stitch: Two Color Paracord Solomon Bar

Step 4: Finish Off the Stitching

After you have finished off the stitching, double back for a couple of loops and tighten things up. Trim the excess and melt the ends so that they are smooth.

Step 5: Press the Buttons and They Light Up.

How every your bracelet activates, press the button and enjoy.

Step 6: Finished Product

Enjoy and stay safe.



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    I had also seen this done on another site, so I made one earlier tonight and decided to see if there was an instructable for it yet, and wouldn't you know it, I bought the same bracelet and used the same color cord! I have a lot of different colors, but I just thought this one would look the best. Great minds think alike!


    Awesome instructable! Thanks for sharing! :-)

    make it with reflective stranded neon green paracord and or glow in the dark. It would be awesome to see at night, even when the batteries run down ! I bought some of that cord. It glows in the dark when exposed to light. The other type has reflective strands just like license plates. You can get it with neon orange or green too. FYI

    this definitely gets my vote! I'm going to make this this year after I get the supplies. Nice job!

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    Thank you. They do not allow you to see how many votes you have or your standings. But I at least know that I have two votes.

    this definitely gets my vote! I'm going to make this this year after I get the supplies. Nice job!

    Nice idea! I wonder how this would look with GITD Paracord. Maybe you could light it up and then turn it off and see how long the paracord would stay glowing.

    That's pretty nifty! I'd like to see you make the glowing part too, I think that would be a fun project :)

    Seems like having a bunch of those would be nice for evening trailhiking groups.

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    I did not make the glowing part. It is just a glow bracelet that I bought from the store. Sorry it took so long to answer. Been busy and went camping this weekend.

    No worries, life gets busy! I know you didn't make the core of the bracelet, I just meant it would be fun to see you create a version of it yourself. Lots of LED color options and diffusion mediums to be considered. Hope to see you load more projects :)

    Are the light up bracelets available in the UK? If do whereabouts? Thanks.

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    Check out the equivalent to the US version of the Dollar Store. I know that there are several of them over here that were selling them this year.

    try the magic of the bay of E

    I am not sure. look around in your craft stores.