Have you ever noticed that the head of a spoon is almost the perfect shape for a tulip petal? Have you ever wanted to make something for someone special that would light up their life? Have you ever wanted to make something extraordinary from something ordinary?

I have... The above was a gift I made for some super special people in my life... I originally took these pictures for my own reference and not to make an instructable so some of the steps might not be clear.... Ask a question and I'll try to answer if anything is unclear. Note I do not provide instructions on how to wire LEDs as there are plenty of other places (instructables) to learn this....Enjoy.

Wise Chicken

Step 1: Tulip Petals From Plastic Spoon Heads

Each tulip has 6 petals. Depending upon the plastic spoons you have, you may need to round off the end a little to make it look cute. I recommend making a prototype out of one spoon and then using it to trace around the others so that all the petals will be of similar size.
Cut the heads off the spoons so that they end in a slight point. I normally follow the curve of the spoon edge in on both sides.

Tip: Plastic spoons are made out of differing materials, some are harder to cut than others. Try and find softish, flexible spoons... Before I buy them I look for ones that are fairly flexible and thin.
This is just amazing! All of the people on this site are just genius'!
hello,<br><br>this is a amazing Instructable and i hope to make it for my someone special for her birthday :)<br><br>anyway I was just going to ask you if you could provide a list of equipment and stuff you needed to make these Glowing Plastic spoon tulips, as i'm confused about what I need and knowing my luck i'll miss something that's either very important or miss a part for the next step and have to wait until I can get it :L<br><br>thanks :)
Hi The Cats Meow... <br> <br>It's been a while since I did this instructable, so I have most likely forgotten some of the stuff that I used... but I'll do my best to help you out. Depending on how far you want to go this is what you'll need for the various parts of the instructable: <br> <br>1. Tulips <br>- Plastic spoons (6 per tulip) <br>- Balloon sticks (1 per tulip - buy green ones to save yourself from having to colour them) <br>- 'Translucent' spray paint (Make sure it's translucent so light shines through) <br>- Plastic or good super glue (I used Selley's liquid nails clear) <br>- Soldering Iron (to melt plastics together - Prefer a temp variable one) <br> <br>2. Leaves <br>- Green Plastic disposable table cloth <br>- Thick clear packing tape <br>- Soldering Iron <br> <br>3. Pot &amp; Pebbles <br>- Translucent plastic pot (I used Jelly Planter Pots from Hardware store) <br>- Acrylic Sheet (to make a lid for the pot <br>- Acrylic pebbles (from hardware store) <br>- Black Paint Marker (Can use permanent marker but I think they might fade with time) <br>- Glue <br>- Masking Tape (Optional - assists with stenciling letters) <br> <br>4. Wiring &amp; Electrics <br>- LEDs <br>- Wire <br>- Solder <br>- Soldering Iron <br>- Power switch (Changes AC to DC power and provides constant voltage for your lights) <br>- Plug ends (Optional - just makes things neater and hides my messy soldering) <br> <br>That's it... I think... there may have been a few other bits and pieces which I used to improvise as I went along.... The most important equipement I used was the variable temperature soldering iron... <br> <br>Hope that helps. <br>If that all seems a little too hard maybe try something easier first... Check out my electrical tape flowers I made for Valentines... https://www.instructables.com/id/Blokey-Flowers-from-Electrical-Tape-for-Valentine/ <br>... They were a lot easier and look really nice too... good luck!
wow i love the end product! i hope i'll end up making it XD (collecting projects and all... but not actually doing any =P)<br><br>either i missed it or you didn't include how you did the leaves? was it paper/cardboard or did you do something special?<br><br>awesome instructable! =D
Hi xKari, <br> <br>Thanks for the kind words. I mention the leaves in step 10. I didn't have any pictures of them as I was too excited about finishing everything at the time and forgot.... <br> <br>The leaves were made from green disposable plastic table cloth. Here where I live (Melbourne Australia) you can get it from $2 shops or discount variety stores. What I did was to fold my table cloth several times to make it a bit thicker (3 layers thick) then cut out the leaf shape. This is because the table cloth is really thin. To stick them together and give them some rigidty, I put the layers together and stuck some clear packing tape over them on both sides. Then using my soldering iron on it's lowest temperature, I ran the iron along the leaf from base to tip all along the leaf and around the edges. Because the plastic from the table cloth melts at a lower temperature to the packing tape, the green plastic fused really well leaving the clear tape intact. I then cranked up the temperature of the soldering iron and 'traced around the edge of the leaf. At this higher temperature the iron melts through the tape, cutting and fusing the edges as it goes.... <br> <br>It's a lot of experimentation to see what works.... <br> <br>Hope this helps.
oh i see it now! must have missed it due to lack of pictures =P<br>thanks! :D
Do you think I could make a water lilly shape out of plastic spoons ?
I don't see why not... though you may need to cut the spoon head to shape... From memory I think water lillies have lightly pointier petals.. Also, If they (the flower heads) are more open then the LED effect might not look so good. One of the good thing about tulips is because the flower head is closed, it hides the LED well and therefore the light has to shine through the petals and produce the glowing effect.... <br> <br>I have seen roses made out of melted spoon heads so anything is possible I guess.
Wow! So creative and pretty! I would love to make it, but I'm intimidated by anything involving wires
Howdy Bridge47! Sometimes you just gotta try... I went through lots of cheap wire and solder in order to learn how to solder wires onto LEDs... and I'm still pretty bad at it... but that's what makes these presents so special... the extra mile you go to do something for someone.... You can do it! I believe in you =)
Nice, that is a really clever use for plastic spoons.
Thanks! weird things tend to float around inside my brain...

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