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Introduction: Glowing Shisha/Hookah

How to make your Shisha/Hookah glow - the easy and cheap way.

just came up with the idea as i was cleaning my shisha. i noticed the wrinkle underneath it and remembered the led throwies. so i put it together. might not work with every shisha - just try if you can mount the leds underneath it.

Step 1: The Materials

This is what you'll need:

- a small piece of aluminium foil
- a small piece of strong paper
- 2 or 3 LED - choose the color you like, but should be diffuse LEDs
- 2 or 3 CR 2032 3V batteries
- 2 or 3 rubberbands
- some sticky tape

makes about 0.50$ for each battery and LED - the rest is more or less free

Step 2: Setting Up the LEDs

Just put the rubberband tightly around the battery, get the LED between the band and the battery et voil√°. that's it.
you may have to bend the LED slightly to avoid flickering.

Step 3: Cut Paper and Foil

Now cut the paper und the foil to a round shape. tape the foil to the paper and assemble the LEDs to the foil.
tape the paper under the bottom of the glass und you're finished.

Step 4: Smoke and Enjoy

smoke till your lungs collapse and enjoy the cool color. ;)

could be improved by some switch or a color-changing led. doing it my way you have to pull the leds from the batteries to put 'em out. a led on the hose would also look nice, i guess.

edit: video added



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    nice idea for the coals, but do the self lighting coals really have gun powder all the way through them, i thought it was just on the outside to help it light, also natural coals work just as well, they just light slower but they dont have a chemical taste

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    I'm pretty sure they do have the gunpowder all the way through. The idea is that the ENTIRE coal is lit to a lovely orange glowing state. In my estimation, this, having burnt off the gunpowder, would not alter the taste. I haven't tried pure charcoal though.

    actually, the kind of tobacco made for hookahs is really quite pleasant when smoked from one. If you smoke *other* things out of it even once, it's supposed to change the flavor and make it not as suitable for just tobacco.
    Now, if you had an instructable on how to make those little charcoal discs, that would be great (they're hard to find down here).

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    By the way, (not knowing where you're located), have you exhausted all your options? Besides the smoke shops, you can also check in hippie newage stores that aren't just head shops, because they usually sell resin incense that you burn/melt on the disks. That's why they usually have a "divot" in them. You light 'em and the divot contains the resin on the charcoal.


    talkin' about these things? order them online...


    ::facepalms:: I can't believe I never thought of that.

    Wow, I never did either. I usually go to some smoke shop and pick them up. It's fun to talk to the guys about how they used to smoke shisha with their grandmothers.

    Of course, I'm in the bay area and there's at least two restaurants in SF where you can smoke shisha.

    Found this place to buy from. No clue if they're good.

    And as much as I love the diy attitude of Instructables, just picking up the charcoal at a smoke shop (or shops that sell resin incense) is cheap and easy. I do value having the knowledge to be able to make them myself though. I suspect that people have been doing that for generations and generations. Based on the comments to this, I'd love to see an Instructable on how to smoke a hooka. I know myself, but this really is something to be appreciated by some of these people. It's fun to try different flavored tobacco's. Maybe I'll talk my friends into doing a hooka tonight instead of our usual happy hour, now that you've got me in the mood. Crazy....I'm not a smoker, but I'll enjoy a fine cuban cigar or a hooka.

    Theres no better way to relax after classes then going to a hooka bar. I'm friends with a guy who knows about every hooka bar in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Hes even good friends with a few of the owners, who allow us to slip our own "blends" into the hooka. Like I said, no better way to relax.

    Uhm, it's pretty simple to make, if you have the supplies: Charcoal (the regular kind! nothing added!) gun powder or black powder Grind up the charcoal in a magimix or something alike into small grains (just like sand) add some water so it becomes soggy add about a teaspoon of gunpowder for every half cup of charcoal mix it up real well, then pack a plastic bottle cap with some, and let dry. once it's dry, just tap the cap and it will come out, and you can light it :)

    yeah, i guess your right tobacco is ok sometimes

    TOBACCO????? your not a stoner are you??

    Waaaaaaaaaa? Thats used to smoke tobacco right? But . . . nevermind . .