Picture of Glowing Snowflake Baubles
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In this tutorial we will show you how to make glowing snowflake bauble using Bare Paint and some LEDs ready to put on your desk or hang around your house for the holidays.
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Step 1: Materials and Components

Picture of Materials and Components

Bare Paint
Paint Brush
Paper, we've used thick cartridge paper, but copy paper would work fine
3V Button Cell Battery
White LEDs or whatever colour you want.


3V Button Cell Batteries UK: Farnell / US: RadioShack
LED's UK: Farnell / US: RadioShack

* Make sure you buy several Batteries and LEDs for all your projects in advance to save on shipping charges, and so you don't have to wait to do fun tutorials.

Step 2: Making the Bauble Base

Picture of Making the Bauble Base
Step 2.jpg
The bauble base is the well know origami ball, or water ballon.

First of all you need to fold your piece of paper diagonally and cut off excess to make a square.

Once you have a square fold it in half diagonally then flip it over.

Step 3:

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Fold it in half on each side horizontally.

Step 4:

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Take your folded square fold in half horizontally, then fold the courners inside to make a triangle.

Step 5:

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Step 6.jpg
Step 7.jpg
Step 8.jpg
Next take the top layer of the triangle and fold the point up to the top and middle, repeat on all sides, to make a smaller square

Step 6:

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Step 10.jpg
Step 11-1.jpg
Take the side points of the square and fold into the middle.  Reapeat on back side.

Step 7:

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Now that you have created little flaps, fold down the top points and insert them into the flaps. Repeat on back side.

Step 8:

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Step 14.jpg
Step 15.jpg
Step 16.jpg
Once you have your finnished ball base inlfate it by blowing into the hole at the bottom.

Step 9:

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Now unfold your inflated ball.

Step 10: Cutting out your Snowflake design.

Picture of Cutting out your Snowflake design.
Step 18_2.jpg
The picture below shows the square where your snowflake is going to be cut, it has been outslined with a dotted line.

I've also coloured it purple so you can see where the boundries are as its folded.

Step 11:

Picture of
Fold up the bottom half towards the middle. Fold in half again, and again, untill your square is now a small triangle, as seen on the bottom right.
rageous3 years ago
Very cool... Great Instructable, I'll have to make some of these with my son!!!
BareConductive (author)  rageous3 years ago
Thanks, if you do make some, send us some photos of them!
ynze3 years ago
GREAT! I'm working on something very similar, and yet different! I'll let you know!
That is such a cute idea!
These are so pretty!
BareConductive (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks, they glow for quite a while too as it's just one LED and battery.
canucksgirl3 years ago
Beautiful! - I only have one question. Do they stay on all the time or is there a way of shutting them off to conserve the battery?
BareConductive (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
You can fairly easily get the battery out by unfolding the flap that it's in, but good point we need to figure out a switch for them. I'll have to work on that...