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Introduction: Glowing Space Invaders

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Stenciling glow in the dark space invaders.
These are freaking awesome.
I happen run by some glow in the dark gel at walmart and it gave me the idea to make these.

I don't have any pictures of me making the stencils, but I found that drawing these little invaders pretty easy, Im sure you guys could do that as well.

Just thought I would let you guys see what you can do with glow in the dark gel..

Just go to walmart and look in the art section for Glow in the dark gel called Glo away.

Apply a heavy amount of this stuff to your stencils as for the thicker the brighter they get.



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    i'm starting to make it with some phosphorescent spray paint (montana brand), and looks great, now i have to fill all the wall of invaders ^^

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    Hey, That sounds like something that would be good to use as well.

    Post some pictures if you would please, I would love to see them.

    Any glow hair gel will work ? With a friend I'd like to make a prank in the photo dark room of our school

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    The Glo away that I used seems to have the same ingredients that Glowing hair gel has.

    Best thing to do would be to test it out for yourself.
    Put some Glow gel on your hands and let it dry then turn off your lights to see if it still glows while it's dried up.

    I imagine since it has the glowing properties then it should work just fine but do test it out and let me know how it turns out for ya. :D

    Good luck

    this reminds me of the street artist invader. nice. never thought of glow in the dark

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    Yeah he's a good artist, I have seen his work before and you could say this is a spin off of what he does.

    I like the fact that they really do invade your space, lol..
    Oh and as a follow up, these things are kinda hard to get rid of after scrubbing them or trying to wash them off.

    They will leave a faint glow after washing, which kinda sucks.

    Seems as though you have to apply some paint over them to cover them up. :D

    VERY awesome. :)

    I might try this when I'm older and get a house. It should be fun to go to bed. :)

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    Thanks, Yeah they are pretty cool at night. It's like they come out of the darkness to invade your house, lol.
    Every time we turn our lights off I'm like, Nooo their invading us again!!! hahaha

    I did notice however, that when you wash them off they make your paint on the walls a little brighter. So if your wall is white, well your going to have an even whiter spot where they were. Seems like they clean walls while hanging out.
    Now if only we could get them to do our dishes and other things. :)