Step 2: Step 2. Cut out strips from the Glow Station Light Canvas for your sidewall

I’m using a mountain bike with 26 x 1.5” tires.  I chose the 1.8” wide Gorilla Tape.  For this setup, I cut rectangles that measured 0.25” x 1.88”. I used approximately 33 strips to cover three quarters  of the wheel.  I left a section of the wheel blank to give it a snake-like effect
That gives a nice effect and it can be easy done. But sorry no vote for the contest :(
Great Instructable. If you don't want to use the Gorilla tape, any double sided foam tape should do the job. Again, great idea! <br> Ken
Ooh, this is very clever! Looks cool, and very simple. Nice.
Great idea! And here in (very) dark scandinavia it will come in handy.
what is the peculiarity of gorilla tape?
They have a company that makes that for motorcycle &amp; bicycle Lunasee <br>http://shop.lunasee.com/ <br>You should check the price lol... fn crazy..... Bunch of thieves out there.. <br> <br>Anyway I was wondering if I could just do it with some Glow in the dark Paint and some leds
You can save yourself a lot of money and get the same affect with Photoluminescent Tape or Paint. Check out our products at: www.allureglowusa.com
Thanks, I'm always looking for easier ways to get the job done. Please post a picture of how well your tape works on a bike tire.
Thanks I'll check out.. :D
this would work really well on cars too! just get a couple sheets and line the inside of the rim with them, mount some LEDs on the inside of the wheel well and have it aimed at the glow in the dark stripping :D
so this only works on one side of your wheel? to illuminate the other side, you'd need to repeat the whole process on the other side of your tire?
Yes, the glow station contains enough glow plastic to cover several wheels. I would also suggest running a 2nd LED in parallel off of the pen. A white LED from a keychain light will work well.
hahaha i think the same more money ??
in my country i don't have crayola what another idea?
Sure, look for a glow tape at your hardware store. It is used for safety egress in buildings when the power goes out.
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I've often wondered how to get the power to some wheel mounted leds. This is great lateral thinking! It would be great if the strip was actually built into tyres.
Yes, I'll vote for you - this is the kind of things to keep the kids safe(er) as well as my husband - without causing the kids any anxiety that I'll make them look like ' a baby' to their friends (hubby probably thinks so, too.) -matter of fact, they'll love to show it off!<br><br>Thanks!
Now that is cool, that will mean no more near misses for me...
LolXD nice wheelXD

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