Picture of Glowing heart table piece
This is my first instructable ever so bear with any mistakes. It is a table piece which has a heart illuminated by a single LED.
The main attraction of this instructable is the LED has a throbbing effect which looks good with the heart.
For this you will need a image probably from a card like i have used or you can even use a personal picture of your loved one.
So if you are interested get started and have fun making it!!!!!
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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
Pick any image of your choice. Or you can use the one i have used. i have attached a PDF.

555 Ic
BC547 NPN transistor
100uf electrolytic capacitor
470 ohms and 33k ohms resistors
LED preferably red
Switch (not shown in image)
9V battery
9v battery adapter
Connecting wire
Breadboard for prototyping
Digital Multimeter
Soldering iron
Wire cutter

File punch
glue gun

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram
Here is the circuit diagram for the throbbing LED circuit. 
For this instructable you will need a basic understanding of electronics. 
I have used BC547 in the circuit. but i hav used 2n2222 instead cause i had them lying around. Just check the pin out for the transistors you use. The the transistor is used as a switch. 
I have used 100uf cap. You can use another if you have any. I have tried it with 10uf. The pulsing speed of LED changes.
Changing the values of the resistors also changes the pulse speed. Experiment with different values befor you build the circuit.

Step 3: Prototyping

Picture of Prototyping
This step is necessary because we need to make sure the circuit works before proceeding furthur.
Again you need basic understanding of electronics.
Follow the circuit diagram. If the circuit doesn't work check for loose connections on the breadboard. Check if the IC is held properly in place.

Watch video on youtube following the link or download it.