Nowadays, usb hubs are getting smaller and smaller (and then, they fall behind your desk because the cable is heavier than the hub an then you have to crouch behind your computer to recover it)

So I needed something better (of course, i could have simply glued it in place )
I got some old videotapes to throw away, and suddenly an idea hit me: I like the look of these old tapes, needed an usb hub that won't slide behind the desk, why not build an videotape usb hub?
And some LEDs could be added to nearly everything, and an videotape forms no exception i think..

So save an old tape off the landfills and give it a new, fancy life...

Step 1: Tools and Materials

So, let's get started!
What do we need?

- One old video tape (preferable one of the shorter tapes for advertisments, they have bigger reels and less tape to take care of)
- One usb-hub (working, of course, and preferable with an option for a powersupply)
- The cable for the hub
- the hub's powersupply or a molex connector to power your hub directly from your computer's powersupply
- Two ultra-bright leds in a color of your choice ( and the right resistors for 5volts)
- a small switch if you want to be able to switch of the led
- some cables, one for providing power to the hub and some small cables for wiring the leds up, you will find something suitable
- heatshrinking tube or tape

Except for the molex-connector and heatshrinking tube, everything else was reused:
The wires, leds, switch and resistors came from some old devices i cannibalized for good parts. I got the hub with a broken case for free from a friend...So take some rubbish, mix it and create something new and cool :-)

Nothing fancy, just standards:
- Soldering equipment (iron, solder, helping hands, and so on)
- Sharp knive, for example a cutter
- Hotglue gun and hotglue (buiding something without hotglue is nearly impossible, isn't it? :-) )
- Some pliers
- a small screwdriver
- a small file
Awesome, just prue awesome
A.W.E.S.O.M.E ! i'll making one tomorrow :D
Nice, great job!
Really great project... I ran across one of the images as part of a google image search on an relatively unrelated topic... i&acute;m working on a design using old CD&acute;s, LEDs and fiber optic cable...<br><br>anyways...the description of how you transformed the video casette tape and the quality of the pictures you took made for entertaining and informative reading, a combination which i don&acute;t often come accross...<br><br>thanks for your dedication, attention to detail and effort uploading the process description...<br><br>Great Job HarryM!!!
wow that is really great! but i would have added an sd card reader somewhere on there. Love the led idea it makes it that much better!
...chuckles...... I wonder whad happen if grandma tried to put this in the vcr....LOL
My grandma was excited by the dvd player
vrrrrrrrr *tape flies out* Grandma:Oh wtf
hahah... must write "keep it away from the reach of kids n aged"... n label it "NO 18+" so no one will touch it....
That is great...
nice! thinking about doing something like it, but I'm not so good at the electricity part, grounding and all that xD
I just finished mine and it looks great. :)
Very cool idea :p I might have to do something like this with my own old Videos...
this is awesome man, good job! I'm about to start a new rig and I want to figure out a way to mount this inside the case since it has a side window. It'll go real well with all the other blue LEDs that are already in the case!
Nicely done - good to see one of these things getting new life.
thats cool, definatly a creative use for a cassette!
All of these years I knew that there was a reason that I have held onto my VHS copy of Delta Force.
kool. but what is the point of it? besides looking AWESOME!! and cant u like personalise it and do stuf ft oit. like do stuff to it! LOL!
AWESOME 10/10 might make it if i need a usb hub.
cool i will have to build one of these whenever i get a chance
Looks cool except for me a USB hub is about as obsolete as a VHS
ha ha ha me too.
That is an excellent idea! I'll be sure to attempt one of these next time I get a USB Hub from anywhere, nice Instructable :D
The centre hold is the release of the stopper. if the tape got stuck and films is pull out, press the hold with a stic and you can roll the wheels by your thumb easily.
He he What's a srew? Just jokkin gr8 work
Thanks, sometimes I just screw up the writing <sup></sup><br/>
omg ur name is harry m? wats ur last name?
A real must have for a mediacenterPC :)
Good job! It is a molex connector
Thanks! I knew it, but couldn't think of it<sup></sup><br/>
Glad I could help!
Freaking awesome. It's a bit hard, but still really cool. Great idea and everything. You definitely got my vote... and rating... so now just one last thing(s) to type. +1 rating. +1 vote.
What a good idea! I bit big tho...I think an 8-track would be the perfect size to weight ratio, plus they sound awful so u wouldn't have to feel bad about destroying it.
Cool! A little big for my taste but very "retro" :) Nice instructable! Very Detailed! Great Job!
Nice one, I've been trying to think of something to replace my now bored with beer can hub, I might actually do this, rather than think of something else...

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