A lamp made of 15 glowsticks and a bottle

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. 15 Glowsticks (You may want more depending on size of the bottle
2. A Bottle or someting like that
cool idea, good for a funky touch to a party or something, I'd like to try it in a glass bottle.
I think you can make this product in less steps .
I haven't color glow stick , my glow sticks are white ...
once the glow sticks are done throw them in a fire, they burst into flames after the plastic melts and the liquid dumps
i found that it looks much more interesting if you put water in the bottle. it gives it a kindof crystal refraction look
How long does it stay glowing?
For 3 to 4 days
Simple, and nice! although I think a glass bottle would look a little better. =) <br/>

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