Glue Stick Secret Compartment


Introduction: Glue Stick Secret Compartment

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This is my 9th Instructable so far, and it is on how to make a glue stick compartment.

Step 1: Taking the Cap Off

Take the cap off, then unscrew it all the way, then take the glue out.

Step 2: Putting in Your Things You Don't Want Stolen

Put something that can fit inside of it and put it in, put the glue back in, screw down the glue then put the cap back on. (Camouflage is my favorite pattern!)

Step 3: Done!



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    You could try breaking off that little stick in the inside for more space.

    1 reply

    Yes you could, but you couldn't push the plastic glue holder thingy back up as quick as you could, but yes you could break it off for more room too!