Step 5: Attach self-adhesive wallpaper

Picture of Attach self-adhesive wallpaper
I wanted it to be more or less neutral – it makes better background for photographs – but you are free to make it as colorful as you like, it can be a real masterpiece! Or else, you can paint it with the same paint as the surrounding wall (consult some expert if the paint is suitable for both surfaces) to make it really an integral part of it.

When you apply the adhesive wallpaper, start from one corner; press your hand in diagonal direction gradually removing the paper substrate. If there are some air “bubbles” under the wallpaper, remove them making holes with a pin near a “bubble” edge to let the air out. If you have to attach a number of overlapping wallpaper sheets, the edge of the upper sheet must look in the direction of the light (window), or else it will cast a shadow.
And of course, do it together with somebody!