Gluten-Free Cake With Stargazer Lily





Introduction: Gluten-Free Cake With Stargazer Lily

Hello everyone!

This is the latest cake I made for a friend for her birthday and it's actually not a sculpted cake this time! Thought I'd try my hand at a pretty cake. I didn't take photos of the making of this cake but I did get photos of the making of the gum paste flower so I will be posting an Instructable with that soon.

It is a 4 layer, 6" round, gluten-free vanilla cake with cream cheese icing and a gum paste Stargazer Lily (her favorite flower.) I went with a rough-iced look that I've been seeing done on cakes. I also made the gum paste flower. It was my first ever gum paste flower to make and I was so happy with it and she got to keep it. :) I'm excited to try other flowers, which I will be doing soon.

It was also very yummy! I just used a box gluten-free cake mix and it wasn't too sweet so it went great with the sweet cream cheese icing (her favorite combination.)



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    Good to hear. Im making a christmas themed cake for Saturday. I might post pictures if you like, also what I need to post is my grandma's one i made

    I would love to see them! I'm actually not making any Christmas cakes, kind of a nice break :) but I've got several scheduled for January and February already.

    Good good. I think I might use peaked royal icing to cover the 2 layer cake, then sugarpaste icing to make snowmen decorations and snowballs, only simple things as I don't have experience. So far your cakes have been top standard, so I look forward to January and February, not just because it will be my birthday as well.

    Nice! I like how it was several layers long. Brilliant work as usual. 5* and subscribed

    Thank you! She really loved it. All the other cakes I've brought to her place for our friends birthdays have been regular cake so she was happy to get a gluten-free cake that tasted yummy. :)