Picture of Gluten-Free Ragi Noodles (Finger Millet Noodles)

Finger millet (Eleusine coracana), commonly known as Ragi in India, is widely grown in Asian and African countries and is known to be gluten-free. Here is a simple recipe to make steamed noodles using Ragi flour.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients


  • About two cups of Ragi Flour (you can get it from any Asian store)
  • Half a coconut (Raw coconut is gluten-free)
  • About one cup of water
  • Gluten free sugar to taste (Available in many grocery stores)
  • Salt to taste
this is one of my favorite dishes...
What does it taste like? Im very curious to know before i try it! It looks really good though!
antoniraj (author)  TheHumanWhiz2 years ago
without addition of grated coconut and sugar, the taste is very plain like rice noodles. The plain noodles are really good for people suffering from diabetes and other related ailments requiring restricted food. You will love the taste of this noodles with grated coconut and sugar (add to your own taste).. it tastes good and everybody at home likes it
artworker2 years ago
Dude! you are a genius! This is exactly what I wanted for my kid who is a sucker for instant noodles! This is super healthy! Voted!
antoniraj (author)  artworker2 years ago
thank you...