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Introduction: Gluten-free Tropical Flower Cake

About: Hello! I am an artist who has decided to try cake decorating after a close friend suggested it. I have been making cakes since August of 2010. I'd watched a lot of the various cake shows on TV and decided to...

I was playing around with gluten-free cake and made this pretty tropical flower cake. The cake is vanilla chai green tea flavored cake with cream cheese icing. I wanted texture in the icing so did a rough almost plaster-like effect. The flowers were made out of gum paste and then dusted and painted with petal dusts I got from the cake shop. These were my first flowers and I just taught myself to make them through trial and error and looking at tons of photos of the real flowers. It was very fun. :) I will be making more soon, I think, so I hope to be able to get some photos or videos (my wonderful husband got me a video camera for Christmas) to make some Instructables!



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    your cakes are amazing:) you should open your own shop.

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    Thank you!! :) One day I hope to have my own shop, but for now it's just from home. On Friday Texas passed the bill that will allow me to legally sell cakes I've made in my home so that's a nice stepping stone!

    Thank you!!! :) I'm having fun with the gum paste. Making a bunch of bamboo leaves with some right now to go on some bamboo I'm making for a cake!

    Ooh, bamboo leaves sound awesome!