Introduction: Gluten/Dairy Free Garlic Toast

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Ever needed a quick, easy and delicious gluten/dairy free snack?

Then this recipe is for you...Enjoy!``

Step 1: Ingredients.

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Parsley (Optional Its just a decoration)

Garlic powder

Gluten/Dairy Free Bread

Gluten/Dairy Free Butter

Salt(To much will ruin your toast)

Pepper (Optional,if you choose to add please take caution)

Step 2: Toast the Bread.

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While your bread is in the toaster make sure you have your butter ready because the butter should be applied immediately.

When toasting gluten/dairy free bread you may have to toast your bread more than once, look for a nice golden brown when toasting.

Step 3: Basic Seasoning.

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Once your butter is applied add your salt (pepper can also be added at this step)

Step 4: Now the Garllic.

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Now you have made it to the most important flavour of your toast...the garlic!

Go ahead and play around with the garlic powder. (But be careful it may be hard to find the right amount)

Step 5: A Quick Decoration.

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Add the parsley.

It honestly has no flavour but it can really give you the classic garlic toast look.


ThePandamoniumTheory (author)2015-01-09

Well thank you

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-01-04

Mmmm sounds delicious, and pretty healthy as well! Thanks for sharing and welcome to instructables!

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