Gmod Blender





Introduction: Gmod Blender

This is a blender I made in gmod. Is very basic and easy to make. Hope it helps you blending



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    Do have to have Half Life or counter strike play Garry's mod or can you buy it and play?

    I think you need to have any source game, which you can get for free with Team Fortress 2 now.

    What game do I have to get to be able to use the bathtub and washing machine or are those already there?

    ever heard of utorrent? You can download half life 2 and gmod

    It's not uTorrent that's illegal, it's what you choose to download with it. Games, music, movies, etc., are all illegal to download unless they are made availible for free by the people who made them.

    yes i know and i really thouyht about what i was doing and i got gmod on steam and thats the better way to do it because with that one you can play onloine and its always up-to-date

    ever heard of not being illegal?

    Again: Is this the version that I can use WITHOUT half life 2?