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Introduction: Gmod Blender

This is a blender I made in gmod. Is very basic and easy to make. Hope it helps you blending



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    I think you need to have any source game, which you can get for free with Team Fortress 2 now.

    What game do I have to get to be able to use the bathtub and washing machine or are those already there?

    It's not uTorrent that's illegal, it's what you choose to download with it. Games, music, movies, etc., are all illegal to download unless they are made availible for free by the people who made them.

    yes i know and i really thouyht about what i was doing and i got gmod on steam and thats the better way to do it because with that one you can play onloine and its always up-to-date

    nope. you gotta have half life 2. it's probably better to buy a cheap game for it, or just download something.

    Okay, I've decided to get Half Life 2. But first I want to know: What is its ESRB rating? (E, T, E10+, M, etc.) How much does it cost? Where can I get it, LEGALLY and without using steam? My parents only let me play certain T-rated games.

    well, i don't think it has an ersb rating... it's rated M in the other system. it costs $20 on steam, so in stores i'd say it's about $30 and... well you can get it in most shops these days, however you still need steam to run it. it's a strange system. even for garrys mod you still need steam for it. so i think that basically makes it impossible...

    I got mine off ebay for $10. It is rated M for a little blood and violence but as I played through the game there really wasn't much blood and for violence it was mainly shooting. It came with deathmatch Counter Strike source and Lost coast so I was able to use gmod 9. I think ebay still has one going for $10 if it's not already taken when I got mine there were 4 left. Hope you can get it it's really fun!

    well, i'm not sure. it's the illigal side of things. it is easy enough tobuy one of the source games from steam, every single one of them is cheap and good

    yeah, i actually saw it on a website a few days ago. i was kinda surprised