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Step 1: First

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First you have to get two prices of black foamboard and draw a revolver shape on it and cut it out with your parent.

Step 2: Second

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Get a black sharpie and color all the black spots.

Step 3: Third

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Get duck tape and tape it together( use different kinds to make it look more like it)!

Step 4: Fourth

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Now get a spool of thread and duct tape it in the hole.

Step 5: Fifth

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All you have to do is fold I've a small peice of duct tape and put it on the back.

Step 6: Final

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Get a small rectangle of foamboard and put rubber band on it and attach it to the middle of the barrel.


retro c17 (author)2014-04-17

i like it.

samhdawg (author)2014-03-28

Ok I'll try

CreationBoy- (author)2014-03-27

Good concept. Maybe try with a more hardy material, like foam?

samhdawg (author)2014-03-25

But again your right I like this girl named Ava and she hates me. I guess my life is sad

joseqtb (author)samhdawg2014-03-26

as said Bob Marley: don't worry... about a thing... 'cause every little thing... is gonna be all right. singing don't worry... about a thing... 'cause every little thing, is gonna be all right

samhdawg (author)2014-03-25

You suck It took me a long time to make this

veggie1970 (author)2014-03-25

u must have a very sad life to make this let alone take pics of it n put it on such a useful and informative website like instructables!!!!! booooooooooooring

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