Gnocchi di patate, which means translated dumplings made of potatoes, are a traditional Italian dish. The Gnocchi have their origin in roman times, but then they were made with other ingredients, since the potato is unknown in Europe that time. After introducing the potato in Europe in the 16th century, Gnocchi in their now known form became to a very common dish in the alpine region (the northern part) of Italy. This is because potatos can be grown very easily, even in regions whrere they have up to five months which are cold and sensitive plants, like other vegetables, can't be grown.
Nowadays you can get Gnocchi all over Italy in their special regional variations. Gnocchi count to the so called "primi piatti" which is the first main course of an typical italian menue.

Step 1: What You Need

Actually Gnocchi are very easy. You just need four ingredients:

Eggs             2, but of one only the yolk
Potatoes      1kg
Flour             about 1kg, but this can vary quite strong

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