Picture of Go Bananas!
          Have you ever noticed how when your friends learn you know how to do a certain craft, they automatically assume you're capable of making anything? I was recently asked by my dear fiend, I mean friend, if I would make her a crocheted banana. Specifically, a rotting banana she could give to a friend - an inside joke between them. I don't judge, I just crochet. So when she kindly supplied the yarn, and I regrettably said I would make her dirty stinky rotten banana. At least that is how I've come to think of it. I spent HOURS working on it, over the ccourse of many weeks, trying to figure out how to make a banana. Finally after much consternation, foul words, and much frogging ( a knitting term that here means to relentlessly tear out your stitches while crying), VOILA! A plushy banana.
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Step 1: A bit of yarn

Picture of A bit of yarn
     A -   Find a yarn you're comfortable working with. For a plushy like this, I prefer working with cotton yarns. Cotton is sturdy, washable, soft and inexpensive. In the pictures shown you will see I chose a nice banana-esque yellow from the makers of Peaches & Cream yarns. It will run you about $2.00
     B -  Chose your hardware. I used a 4mm or G hook and got a 4" banana. You can enlarge your project by using a J hook and two strands of yarn and get a 6" banana. 
     C -  Get fluffy. A handfull of Poly-Fil Fiber will make your banana nice and squishable, without the mess of a real banana. A 12oz bag will run you roughly $3.00 and will make you bunches of bananas.
Great! Your humor really made my day.
See? I told you you could do it!! Now quick, do another one while it's fresh!!
naomifair (author)  Capn Badger1 year ago
Thanks Hub. ..... you first. :p
I am the BEST fiend, I mean friend you'll ever have lady! And where would you be without my wonderful ideas?!? Now hurry up and make me some lips and a stache for that dirty ol' banana! BTW Love you! Oh and Eric is right make another while its fresh! And I'm all the therapy you'll ever need!
naomifair (author)  tiggerkytn11 year ago
I'd be without an awesome instuctable that's where! Lips are done, stache is in the works. You can have them after our next therapy session. And also, yes. :p
That turned out really cute! At first I thought you had crocheted on a banana :D The shape is just perfect!
naomifair (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
One of those things is not like the others... :D Thanks so much!
Moogieof41 year ago
Fun and clever! It does look a tricky shape to design. I enjoyed your instructable :)
naomifair (author)  Moogieof41 year ago
Thanks! It was rather tricky, but worth it. I have a very happy fiend.... friend. :D