Step 1: You will need:

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To start your project you will need:

A young leafy plant, such a Tomato, Green Bean, Cucumber or your favorite Herb. I used Italian Parsley for this project.
A Two Liter Green Soda Bottle
A Hole Punch
A Roll of Duct Tape
Scissors and/or a sharp Knife
Enough soil to fill your bottle at least 3/4 full
A little Garden Mulch or Bark
Something sturdy to hang your planter with, such as twine, leather string, a cut coat hanger, etc.
A weather resistant hook to hang your planter on

Note: I had stated before that using a green bottle aids in photsynthesis, I stand corrected as you will find explained in the comments below by Dwygrshpr.
Moomoomilk6 years ago
Sorry to bump ya out of the limelight dwygrsshpr, but i gotta say this is the sickest way to grow plants and less expensive than the topsy turvy or whatever. way to go green debh57

RUSH ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dwygrsshpr6 years ago
Green light does not aid photosynthesis. The reason why plants are generally green is because they are reflecting that color in the visible spectrum which means they absorb ZERO energy along that wavelength. Red or blue light work because that energy is absorbed fully. Regardless, the leaves are outside the bottle (where photosynthesis occurs) and are exposed to all of the sun's energy. The green may help keep the soil warm as an insulator which may stimulate growth.
actually if the plastic is green, then it reflects green light. so, green and clear are the best colors to use
What happens when you put a green filter over a bulb? Does it come out every color but green since it's "reflecting" green light? Why don't you google "photosynthesis" and "green light" and get back to me.
cheritys6 years ago
Could it work if the bottom was left on? Have to have a dif way to hang it but maybe...??
DebH57 (author)  cheritys6 years ago
You would need a way of watering it.
cheritys DebH576 years ago
Do you think if outside that the condensation would be enough??
kevinharbin6 years ago
"*Note: Using a Green Soda bottle aids in the process of photosynthesis" That sounds wrong to me. Any color will work fine.