This is a small guide to going green.

Step 1: Save Energy

Very important... you gotta save energy, and this is done by the steps below
Slate magazine analyzes the production and claims that concentrate is actually worse for the environment due to it's high energy consumption during production:<br /> http://www.slate.com/id/2184700/<br /> <br />
thank you for the information<br />
Please don`t take this instruction so serious and read something relevant about this. For example:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recharging_alkaline_batteries">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recharging_alkaline_batteries</a><br/><br/>!!!!!! YOU RISK INJURY , EXPLOSION, FIRE OR OTHER DAMAGE!!!!!!!<br/>and if you are lucky, the battery will self-discharge within a day, acting as a heat source...<br/><br/>There is something about the &quot;don`t recharge&quot; sign on the alcaline batteries...<br/>
Biodiesel comes from vegetable oil, be it waste or virgin. If you can buy from a company that produces their biodiesel from waste vegetable oil, great, because you're creating one more use for a product before its end of life and keeping it out of landfills, the ocean, or wherever else it may end up. There is debate about increasing demand for biodiesel from virgin vegetable oil, as we would be using land that would otherwise grow crops to grow fuel instead. How is that fair? The newest technology, even though it's not very new at all is algae-produced biodiesel, such as that grown by Solazyme. Problem is it's around $15/gallon and not very widespread or accessible. If you have a diesel car, go biodiesel. It's greener and sometimes cheaper, too. http://www.biodiesel.org/ has a ton of good info on it. <br> <br>However, Biodiesel is secondary to more traditional methods like walking or even riding your bike.
wow hey i just got some hydregen uel cell blueprints could i power my home off those and live eco rendily because water is the only way bib proudct darn that key
Beware, though, it takes energy to split water into hydrogen, and oxygen. Usually anything to do with electrolysis is a scam.
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a bonsai won't compensate your carbon footprint :D
It will lead one in the right direction.
&nbsp;CFL bulbs don't produce much light and don't last a long time. &nbsp;BUY LED.
hid is way more efficient <br />
&nbsp;mm looks good, this is a step I like
&nbsp;But you can use CFL bulbs, but you can use LED BULBS YAY!!!
OK, you are "going green", but did any of you consider the amount of energy consumed by making this at home??? Anyway, burning plants in your car engine does not seem green to me at all...
&nbsp;I think it can really only be green if it's made on a large scale and can be used on a large scale. &nbsp;Otherwise I think it probably isn't the best way to go about it... I think, I'm no expert.<br /> <br /> What would probably be even better would be finding a way to make your diesel run off of old cooking oil and what not (after filtering), fairly inexpensive to do if I remember right. &nbsp;Plus most places have to pay to get rid of that old cooking oil, so they'd probably have no problem letting you snag a few gallons. &nbsp;I know it's pretty easy to do with older diesels, but would probably take some work to get a newer diesel to work. &nbsp;Someone correct me if I'm wrong on anything.<br />
Make your own green energy and save loads of money, this is sweet. <a href="http://bee26r3rawhken7c2hego23y7i.hop.clickbank.net/" rel="nofollow">http://bee26r3rawhken7c2hego23y7i.hop.clickbank.net</a>
It's hard to trust any site that gives you a pop-up &quot;are you sure you want to navigate away from this page&quot; when you hit the back&nbsp; button.&nbsp; I'm just sayin' that the site admin might want to change that if they want to look legitimate.<br />
i make all sorts of crafts with bottle crafts (ill post some later)<br />
batterys must have rechargable lith batts only last longer and chargefaster work much better<br />
everlasting light bulb the story<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.alexsingleton.co.uk/2007/04/the-everlasting-light-bulb/">http://www.alexsingleton.co.uk/2007/04/the-everlasting-light-bulb/</a><br/>
I think that just using rechargeable batteries is a good enough tip. so many people buy big bulk boxes of batteries and throw away pair after pair when they could just buy one pair of rechargeables and they would probably stay charged longer anyways. I got a bunch of energizer rechargeable on sale and they last a long time and when I needed a travel charger I bought Sanyo Eneloop batteries and they last for weeks on end in my camera.
You shouldn't compost meat, cheese, butter, or other animal-stuffs because it attracts mice and flies
aveda recycles these!
To be clear:<br/><br/>&quot;a hot cam, port the heads, install a fan clutch, put on higher-ratio rockers, reprogram your ECM, or put on a turbo.&quot;<br/><br/>None of these will actually increase fuel efficiency. An engine is an extremely dynamic air pump. The term &quot;hot&quot; in reference to a cam typically points out higher life/more duration which will increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine at higher RPMs to make more horsepower. This is probably the best way to <strong>decrease</strong> your fuel efficiency. Higher ratio rockers will achieve the same effect. Porting the heads is a bit more complex, but once again you're changing the area in the load/powerband curves that the engine operates most effectively and most back yard porters will be a long shot away from improving efficiency over an entire OEM laboratory's years of work and data optimizing port and chamber design. Turbocharging your car is guaranteed NOT to improve fuel mileage; it's physically impossible. The way that OEMs increase fuel mileage through turbocharging is by simultaneously downsizing engine's displacement or being more conservative with cam/head/intake design. ECM reprogramming may improve fuel mileage, but often times you sacrifice reliability or other emissions which should be strictly reserved for offroad use. You're incorrect about lower octane gas as well. Lower octane gas burns faster than higher octane gas (higher octane is less prone to detonation). This has absolutely NOTHING to do with power while cruising at highway speeds where a car will typically use less than 20 horsepower. This comes into play under heavy load and acceleration where higher cylinder pressures may cause the mixture to detonate if a lower grade of gasoline is used. As far as whether a lower grade will help or hurt fuel mileage I'll reserve from commenting on that since I'd imagine it to be quite specific to the combustion chamber/piston design for each individual vehicle.<br/><br/>The basics of improving gas mileage are using a free flowing air intake with reusable cotton filter, free flowing exhaust (which will usually change the note of the exhaust and the volume of it), a good tune-up, and properly inflated tires (keep in mind that the tire manufacturers recommend certain pressures for certain vehicle weights)<br/><br/>Tony<br/>
This i'ble has many great suggestions. Good Job! <br/>Here's my 3 cents worth about one of the topics:<br/>I learned many things in over a decade in industrial construction. One of those was NEVER drink concentrated juices. I spent a fair amount of time in food processing plants. Quite a few of them were juice plants in Florida (different producers). If you are going to buy your juices make sure that they are &quot;fresh squeezed&quot;. I'm not going into details. Research for yourselves. That USDA stamp of approval doesn't mean a lot to me anymore. Those who work for the USDA are the same disgruntled underpaid lazy government employees who work at the DMV. Think about THEIR efficiency. And by the way. If you wanted to buy American juice, you'd be hard pressed to find it. All of the producers co-package, store and use concentrate from other companies. Many of them from Brazil. <em>Sorry so long.</em><br/>
Everlasting light bulb page says... perhaps not erroneously: "a lifetime warranty that the everlasting light bulb will never burn for the rest of your life!" What more could you want for $30.00?
Send that to the mythbusters
There is no myth that needs busting. The claim is the warranty, not the fact that it will last forever. The company sells the original bulb for a price high enough to cover any subsequent burn-outs. It doesn't matter if it actually lasts forever or not.
You may have a point there. But I don't know if they'll be able to fit an entire lifetime's worth of usage within one episode. lol
ah<sub> no... the point was the typo, typical of translated stuff, that says &quot;NEVER Burn&quot;...</sub><br/>
'"Don't try to save money and use lower grade gas than your car is designed for." Most cars that "require" higher octane gasoline actually have sensors that can adjust to whatever octane gasoline you use.
But the issue is how they adjust for the lower octane gas. They do this in two ways by advancing or retarding the timing and increasing the overall engine idle. This is to prevent the engine from Pinging / knocking. This does 2 things to your car, it causes the car to run hotter and use more gas then the car that is timed properly and running at a lower idle. Due to the greater heat that is produced in the cylinder, the life of your Oil is greatly reduced. Ultimately this will hurt the life of your motor.
well organized instructable. good work.
Swamp coolers only work in arid climates, a small percentage of the U.S. Texas, Arizona, sure... anywhere along the east coast - no.
Now you are getting some really good ideas, good job. I like step 6, eat local foods and step 10 concentrate juice, you can also recycle its container.
concentrated juices need more energy to produce and still have to travel / be stored in a freezer or refrigerator and still need containers. Make your own juices / smoothies out of fresh local fruits bought on the market. It won't take you more than 10 min to make a litre (even less for smoothies) and if fresh, will provide a lot more vitamins and energy.
Ty rig it
You should paste next image: drink alcohol and smoke ganja - it's all natural and renewable ;o) Go green !! :o)
cans are not considered 'clean' aluminum, so they're not worth quite as much as other sources of aluminum. Your point still stands, they're worth more at the scrap yard. Helpful hint: the tabs are clean aluminum unless they're coloured; pull your tabs and scrap them seperately, you'll get more cash.
Excellent idea! I used to collect them. I had about 45 gallons of them at one point. Maybe I was a little obsessive, but I just made a point of having everyone who I had ever met give me their tabs. Of course, I didn't sell them at the scrapyard, I made "chainmail" out of them and sold it at art fairs and the like. Kids liked it. Another thing about the tabs: some places have stuff from the Ronald McDonald House where they'll give one minute of dialysis to a child at children's hospital for each tab collected. That's where that 45 gallon bag went. That's a lot of Big Macs... I probably cost 'em a fortune!
Got any pics of your 'mail'. I've been messing around with cans as an art supply, I'd love to see how that turned out.
great instructables i wish america was more green side note u never see on news that cars cause lung cancer but u see that cigarettes cause lung cancer what produces fumes?
You are supposed to throw away the caps and recycle the bottles. I went to the landfill on a field trip in 4th grade and they told us to remove the caps so the bottles can dry out, and so any toxic fumes do not build up inside of the bottle.
thats what i thought, i cant think of any reason not to trow away the caps, because of that
I recycle caps (but throw out the bottles).
I'm not trying to come down on you, but is this a complete Instructable? You only have four steps and "many others" helped you with this? There are several more ideas you could add to this and your collaborators should pitch in a little more.

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