Hi, meet Ri our trusty hound who loves to run with us.   Up until we hacked together this hands free solution we were having a less than steller running experience with her using a regular dog leash.  

We have some thoughts to evolve this into a future product (we call it the Ri- Runner) but we thought people might want to build their own version of the initial prototype.  Have fun...be safe...and lets us know what you think.

Eric, Abbey and Ri

Step 1: Step 1: Source the Gear

Gear List:
1- eager mutt (ours is called Ri and she is always ready for a run; even when we aren't up for it!)
1- rock climbing carabiner (found at your favoriate outdoor gear outlet store; we use a 'locking' style but it's not necessary)
1- regular dog leash (i'm guessing you have a couple around the house already but for this setup a 3-4' leash is best fit)
1- rock climbing sling (found at your favoriate outdoor gear outlet store; size matters as the appropriate length is crucial to achieve a best fit more on this later- see step 3 on how to size)
1- poop bag...while Ri dosen't usually go on the run we are always prepared to pick up and carry out
1- an eager dog owner usually helps too!
I love this idea and will be stopping by my local REI for the carabiner and sling this weekend. I just wanted to let you know that there is a similar product that is out on the market called the Buddy leash: http://www.amazon.com/The-Buddy-System-Hands-Regular/dp/B0002ZAZLC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1359053009&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=buddy+leash <br> <br>I actually believe that your system is superior to the buddy leash because it's much more secure since they use plastic snap buckles and not carabiners.
Thanks for sharing the feedback. Good luck and have fun. Send us pictures!
Love the simple efficiency of this idea - looks like it works like a charm! <br>Hope your product sells!
Thanks we hope both dog and owner's enjoy it...if you build it we would love to see pictures!
<p>Maybe I'm missing something, but is there something extra you do when attaching the carabiner to the sling to keep it from sliding around? So that the whole thing doesn't shift forward?</p>
I would make one, but my dog doesn't run next to you. He takes off!!!
Hi everyone, we added a video to Step 5...check it out to see Ri and the Ri Runner DIY prototype in action!

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