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Go Kart 2012

Frame - 20mm x 20mm rhs
suspension - motorbike shocks,  semi indepent front,  swing arm back.
drive - leaf blower engine ~30 cc
running gear - starter motor sprocket /flywheel,  bycycle hub transfer
steering rack and pinion

my second attempt (the first was made mostly of wood,  no suspension, no motor, rope style steering, atomotive tyres/ bearings)

pro's:  i welded an additional cog to a bike rear wheel hub (see pic 2),  the rear wheels are only aeffected by the engine when the engine is running.

areas for improvement:  weighty front end,  engine mount upgrade- flywheel bounces drive shaft a bit, no brakes , no clutch, no reverse, 1 gear.

summary:  i was hesitant to attach a small motor,  alot of effort when i wasnt sure if it would power it at all,  I am however happy with result.  It has provided a good reference point to base ratio/ torque estimations in future projects.

slowing the engine was the most difficult thing,  something about compounding gears.
the first configuration i tried the rear sprocket was too small and it was like starting the vehicle in top gear,  found a larger one, now it runs.  i would however like to reduce gearing further,  maybe with off the shelf reduction box,  or custom cut sprockets/gears.
repguy20202 years ago
This thing looks AWESOME! Is there any way you can post a step-by-step instructable on it so we can get a better idea of how it came together? I would love to be able to make one of my own, maybe with a beefier engine.
how do you steer with the wheel so low?
QSDR (author)  basementhacker2 years ago
its held on with a uni-joint, just pick it up, tough for one handed steering but a sinch with two hands. i started working on a new kart, so there are many things unfinished on this one
oh! so you actually have to pick up the wheel itself? it's not stuck down like that, is what I mean.
QSDR (author)  basementhacker2 years ago
This is a very interesting design if you would like to help with my to follow we need money so we can get the engine please donate to
wagon1732 years ago
This thing looks like a mad scientist built it in the early 20's! Haha I love it!!
loafers2 years ago
Very creative, looks like no other, I like it. Some of the visible design aspects have inspired me a similar little for a project I'm planning. Weight is one of my biggest concerns, how heavy (in Kilos) would you say it is?
QSDR (author)  loafers2 years ago
it is appox 50 kilos. great on flat ground, hopeless uphills. no plans were used for this build only a concept drawing, there are many areas for improvement.
rimar20002 years ago
PM me when have videos, please.
pfred22 years ago
Seen Mad Max a few too many times have we? 4 stars just for the visual impression.
wfelix2 years ago
Beautiful! do you have some videos?
QSDR (author)  wfelix2 years ago
I was unsure about 'embed code' info i am not affiliated any video sites. i have some research to do.. if i get stuck ill contact tech support, just havent got around to it. hopefully soon.