Go Kart Sled Hybrid





Introduction: Go Kart Sled Hybrid

A Crossbreed between a GO kart and a tobogan sled. Its great for down hill racing. Its very easy to make and its very cheap from free to five dollars

Step 1: Materials

- A ply wood of desired size and shape
- 3 Complete skateboard trucks(with the wheels and stuff) (I used 2 Narrow ones And 1 wide one)
- Screws
- Nails
- A hammer
- Wires or tough rope For handles
- Duct tape for designs (optional)
- A screw driver
- A dog for companionship (optional)

Step 2: Atatch the Wheels

You can either drill holes for skate board hard ware or you can just screw them on which I did since its less time consuming

Step 3: Designing

"Important: Do this first berore putting on the handles"
Be creative use as much colors of duct tape you like

Step 4: Atatching the Handles

Cut your wire or rope to your desired length and nail it to the left and right sides of the board

Step 5: Finished

Ride it like crazy!!



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    19 Discussions

    how do you ride it on snow ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    it looks more like a cross between a skateboard and a tobogan. i dont see any resemblance towards a go kart.

    Just yesterday me and three friends did this, only we used 4 trucks to make it more stable, and we nailed a wooden ladder to it! now it feels like a canoe on wheels! We have fit about 4 1/2 people on it.Very fun. BTW i made it before i saw this ible.

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    well when a brother and sister love each other very much....... Lol just kidding. his legs were hanging off so i didnt want to say 5.

    I'm gonna try this. But instead of 3 trucks I'm gonna use 2 casters from an office chair in the front and the trucks in the back. Might make it turn better.