This instructable is an addendum to the previous one, and documents a lot of improvements I made to the original project.

Step 1: Add a Switch in Line

I sliced one of the power cables and put a switch in the middle.

Now I can turn the gollerblades on and off.

cool :P
This reminds me Air Gear :D I am making a project like that too :)<br /> <br />
This looks much safer than the first one... However, I still would think that the batteries would be as heavy as lead... ... Wait a minnit...
My inner Mad Scientist just unleashed a frighteningly evil laugh. I'm seeing the grinder dissembled further and attached in an under slung position along the rail... The mantra of mad scientists everywhere, "power's a bit of a problem, though."
I think the slower speed is most likely because you're not getting enough torque for the larger wheel radius. Some reduction gears should remedy that. Or, if you're willing to try taking apart the grinder, you might find some gears you can just remove, or perhaps replace, to adjust the ratio.
I do a lot of welding. Every Grinder I have [3or4] turns at 10,000+ rpm - you want bigger wheels for more speed. There is enough torque to rip the grinder from your hands if you don't have a good grip on it !!!
Nice, im planning to make some too. <br/>Can you upload a better video though? one thats not in the dark so we can see how to stand when using etc.<br/><br/>Thanks for making this by the way =]<br/>
or you could permantly attach the grinder to a wheel of the old style 4 wheel roller skates ? this looked cool except for the speed (or lack of). though you wouldnt want too much in case you fell :O Now im having visions of 2 angle grinders each attached to a wheel on either side of a wooden platform that you can sit on (wide skateboard?). ....
How long can you go before the batteries run out?
Commercial Go-llerblades hitting the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=472044&in_page_id=1770">news</a><br/><br/>L<br/>
also...filming during the daytime....really good idea hehe
The link on step one links to your "edit" page, not the part 1 instructable. Just a heads up...
Thank you!

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