Tripods are limited in functionality and they get in the way in a crowded shop. Enter the GoPro Clamp Mount! I designed this mount to fit on a standard one-handed bar clamp with 4 axes of articulation, making it easy to mount a gopro just about anywhere.

Step 1: 3D Model

I modeled the mount in Fusion 360 because I wanted to learn the program. I found it to be a powerful modeling program, and it exported perfect .stl files that didn't need any repairs before printing.

I designed thumb screws for all the points of articulation to take a standard M5 bolt, which fits the plastic gopro enclosure. The mount slides up and down the clamp bar, and the 4 axes of rotation allow the user to position the camera.

<p>Dude, I can't believe you weren't wearing goggles.</p>
<p>Yeah, that was really dumb and super risky. Thanks for pointing it out.</p>
<p>I like your Intstructable</p><p>Thank you so much for sharing</p><p>Rima</p>
<p>this is really awesome!!</p>
<p>Brilliant! Definitely going to print one of these off!</p>
<p><br>This is a great set up, very nice project.</p>
<p>Thank you! It still needs some refinement, but it's pretty handy as is.</p>
<p>These things are so handy, and they can be placed anywhere!</p>
<p>I need to make some more! We can make our own surveillance state around the pier.</p>

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