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Tripods are limited in functionality and they get in the way in a crowded shop. Enter the GoPro Clamp Mount! I designed this mount to fit on a standard one-handed bar clamp with 4 axes of articulation, making it easy to mount a gopro just about anywhere.

Step 1: 3D Model

Picture of 3D Model

I modeled the mount in Fusion 360 because I wanted to learn the program. I found it to be a powerful modeling program, and it exported perfect .stl files that didn't need any repairs before printing.

I designed thumb screws for all the points of articulation to take a standard M5 bolt, which fits the plastic gopro enclosure. The mount slides up and down the clamp bar, and the 4 axes of rotation allow the user to position the camera.

gopro mount.stl

SparkySolar10 months ago

I like your Intstructable

Thank you so much for sharing


Dude, I can't believe you weren't wearing goggles.

this is really awesome!!

Onyx Ibex1 year ago

Brilliant! Definitely going to print one of these off!

This is a great set up, very nice project.

JON-A-TRON (author)  Fikjast Scott1 year ago

Thank you! It still needs some refinement, but it's pretty handy as is.

These things are so handy, and they can be placed anywhere!

JON-A-TRON (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago

I need to make some more! We can make our own surveillance state around the pier.